Why are electronic components important in today’s life?

distributor of obsolete electronic components

distributor of obsolete electronic components


Electronic components are a necessary part of the producing process of electronic items. Your future and career advancement in the industry can easily be influenced by the high quality of the components utilized in the manufacturing process. Quality components ultimately improve the quality of the end product as well as its durability. While searching for obsolete electronic components, it might be challenging to choose a reliable distributor of obsolete electronic components with whom to place an order, especially when there are so many obsolete electronic components distributor promising to complete your order as soon as possible. Choose a supplier that assures you that each of the parts you receive will meet industry norms and criteria, for 100% product satisfaction, in addition to having practical knowledge in customized electronic supply chain solutions, part inadequacies, and obsolete electrical components.


The entire obsolete electronics supplier is not treated equally – Some will only try to discover the obsolete electronic parts you require, but at a very high cost; others won’t have the sources you need to promptly fulfill your request. GreenTree Electronics LTD is an obsolete components supplier and provides value-added services for the international market, including for use in consumer applications, industrial, medical, defense, etc. They are one of the leading independent obsolete electronic components distributor and representatives of electronic components Manufacturers and Test labs. GreenTree is ERAI certified member.


To ensure that its customers’ electrical components perform as intended, GreenTree Electronics is committed to providing a variety of electronic components testing service and authenticating them in a testing facility. A variety of tests are performed, such as visual inspection, X-ray, de-capsulation, soldering, electrical and functional testing, anti-static vacuum packaging, baking, re-reeling, and many more. GreenTree Electronics LTD differs from other suppliers of obsolete integrated circuits. The team of industry experts regularly considers how to provide you with exceptional help, and they hold every interaction to the standards of promptness, honesty, integrity, stability, and completeness. GreenTree Electronics is one of the largest distributor of IC’s in the global market.

They are also a distributor of integrated circuits, and their expertise is in micro-processors, DSP for embedded systems, networking, imaging, and video. They have been in the electronic sector for more than 20 years, as suppliers of obsolete electronic components supplying electronic parts and value-added services to the global market for use in applications for medical, industrial, defense, communication, and consumer goods.

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