Why are food distribution companies so important for FMCG brands?

As they say, there is always value to the phrase United we Stand and Divided we Fall. The same holds true for any business activity, particularly when it is operating in a foreign region where the local market intricacies and other dynamics may not be familiar and there are several aspects worth taking care of from a local level including logistics, distribution, marketing, supply, transportation, warehousing and so on. Wondering what we are talking about? FMCG of course, the rapidly flourishing global business sector that is steadily making its mark in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well. There is steady demand for top-notch FMCG products across several categories in the UAE and leading global brands are now eyeing an entry into this segment via partnerships with food distribution companies.

Where food distributors assume importance is the supply side of things. They are the ones who handhold the entry of the global FMCG player into a highly competitive market like the UAE. They help their partners as a B2B vendor and collaborator, taking care of product storage by offering warehousing and storage space and also taking care of distribution across retail stores, supermarket and other grocery chains. They help with the logistics and transportation facilities, providing vehicles and so on. If they have an ancillary retail network of their own, then that is always a bonus for the global FMCG company too.

Food distribution companies in UAE with the right credentials are imperative for any leading FMCG behemoth to succeed in the region. Entrusting the distribution, supply, logistics and inventory management tasks to a reputed food distribution company will naturally pave the way for faster sales, higher customer outreach and better efficiency in managing a global region. This will accelerate the growth of branded FMCG items in the market and attract more customers at the end of the day. As a result, the right distribution partner is a must for any leading FMCG player looking to make a mark in Dubai and several other parts of the UAE. Al Maya Distribution, which is a part of the Al Maya Group, holds sizable experience in the domain while offering more than 1 million sq. ft. in warehousing space. This could be a great solution for businesses in this sector.

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