Why are luxury love dolls so expensive?

Lifelike Sex Dolls heal men not only sexually but also spiritually, and it captures their attention year after year. Among such lover dolls, the best lover dolls are made by first-class craftsmen. Not only is the price high, but it is also popular as a love doll that combines sophistication and realism.

Why is the price so high?

Luxury lover dolls are no longer sex toys, but works of art that meet the needs of the human spirit. These Sex Doll are generally made of medical silicone. Features high quality. The odor of silicon is also suppressed, and there is no discomfort even when using it. In addition, since the designer has carefully designed every detail of the luxury lover doll, the TPE sex dolls are rich in expressions, they look more human and are beautifully made.

Difference between cheap sex dolls

Silicone was used in lover dolls earlier than TPE, but it is the material closest to human skin. Because the cost of materials is inherently high, the manufacturing cost of silicone dolls is also high. The silicone used in high-end lover dolls is also used in medical settings and is a very safe material.

More real feeling

Valentine dolls may use different materials for each component, not just silicon. A typical example is the combination of silicone head and TPE body, which not only retains the sense of reality but also retains the sensuality of the whole body. This is currently the most popular type of luxury lover doll. In addition, soft material is added to the chest to give a more realistic feeling. Another advantage of luxury lover dolls is that they can cause more excitement by touching every part of the body.

Body makeup with visible blood vessels

The latest technology can realistically reproduce the blood vessels of the lover’s body. In the high-end lover doll, the craftsman spent half a day carefully drawing the blood vessels to the toes. Human skin is not a uniform color. The introduction of this technology will make love dolls more realistic.

Since the models are made of real women, you can feel not only the height but also the facial expressions and body joints. Especially recommended for men who are disappointed by the fact that the Cheap Sex Dolls are extremely small or too far away from the female facial expressions.

Custom love doll

Lovedollshops offers fully customized service. You can customize everything in detail by providing a full range of footage for the women photos you want to make. Not only skin tone and eye color but also their face and body shape can be customized in these details. This makes your Love Doll more attractive.

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