Why are My Automobile Keys Not Working?

It never fails.  You’re late for meeting.  Your kids are late for school.  Or, you’re late for school.  And, your automobile key isn’t unlocking the door or starting the car.  Or, your remote key (i.e. key fob) isn’t functioning?  Why?

Instead of screaming or getting a stomach/headache, let’s try and figure it out.  Here are some common reasons why you’re in your current predicament:

•    Dying or Dead Key Fob Batteries:   this is usually why remote keys / key fobs stop working.  Always check the batteries first before going on to any other cause.

•    Your Key is Worn / Damaged:  as time passes, keys wear.  We harshly toss them into purses and pockets and sometimes drop them onto the ground and other hard surfaces, causing chips, twists, and breaks.    This can render them useless.

•    Internal Damage:  for the aforementioned reasons and sometimes for unknown reasons, connecters inside a remote key/ key fob wear and weaken.  Eventually, the key won’t let the user get into the automobile or start it.

•    Improper or Inferior Quality Key Duplication:  sometimes, an untrained, uncertified locksmith improperly duplicates a key.  When that happens, it simply will not work.  Make sure you copy your keys with a trained and certified locksmith.

•    Un-programmed Key:  a remote key / key fob needs to be programmed or set to your automobile in order to work.  Sometimes, dead batteries, replacing the batteries, certain WIFIs, and other systems trigger a remote key to un-program.

While you could always replace a battery, contacting a trained, certified locksmith is the best way to fix these issues.

KR Locksmith

KR Locksmith (“KR”) is a family-owned locksmith in Charlotte NC that serves Charlotte and the surrounding area.  Its team of highly trained professionals have over 15 years of experience in commercial, home, and automotive services.  It uses the highest quality locks and is proud of its top locksmith reputation.

KR is an expert auto locksmith in Charlotte NC and Locksmith Charlotte NC that repairs, replaces and reprograms malfunctioning and damaged automobile keys.  If you are locked out of your automobile and/or if your key (standard or remote key / key fob is not working, it offers the quickest and most dependable services, every single day of the year, at the best price.

Additional automobile locksmith services include:

•    Locked trunk opening
•    Key replacement and recutting
•    Broken key extraction
•    Ignition change and repair
•    Lock rekeying
•    Laser keying

KR also provides complete security solutions for businesses, families, homes, and anything that requires securing.  Its certified locksmiths use the latest technology and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

KR additionally offers emergency lockout response services.  If you need urgent assistance, day or night, call (980)333-8238, and it will send a locksmith to help.

Contact KR Locksmith today for all your professional locksmith requirements.  Your privacy, security, and confidence are its main concerns.

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