Why Are Service Apartments Beneficial For Short-Term Stays?

Service Apartments Beneficial For Short-Term Stays

service apartments in nashik

Are you planning a trip to Nashik? Yes… then you must have a question about staying in Nashik. What are the best places to visit in Nashik? Etc. Right… Below is a comprehensive list of the Best Hotels, Popular Places, Top Vineyards, Nashik Food, and Religious Places!

Nashik is known as India’s Wine Capital! Nashik Wine Fest attracts visitors from all over the world. Nashik is well-known for its grapes, religious sites, and being surrounded by the nature of Brahmagiri. Aashiyana Luxurious Serviced Apartment in Nashik prioritizes service quality. Once a visitor, always a visitor!

Here are some of Nashik’s specialties:

There are five specialties in Nashik:

  1. Vineyards
  2. Religious Places
  3. Nature
  4. Food
  5. Stay in Nashik
  6. Vineyards-

Nashik is a major contributor to India’s grape exports. Vineyards: As the largest producer of grapes, industrialists identified Nashik as the best location for wine production. There are numerous Vineyards manufacturers in the Nashik District.

The following are the top vineyards in Nashik:

– Sula Vineyards

– York Vineyards

– Soma Vineyards

– Zampa Grover

– Vinsura winery

  1. Religious Peace:

Nashik is well-known for the Kumbh Mela, which takes place every 12 years. Nashik is well-known as a Hindu pilgrimage destination. People from all over India travel to Nashik Trimbakeshwar and Shirdi Sai Baba Temple.

Popular Temples and Religious Sites in Nashik – Shirdi

– Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple

– Kalaram Temple

– Saptashrungi Gadh

– Sita Gumpha

– Muktidham Temple

– Someshwar Temple

– Navshya Ganapati Temple

– Kapaleshwar Temple

  1. Touch of Nature:

Nashik is a city surrounded by the nature of Brahmagiri, with Trimbak Road as the main attraction. During the rainy season, people from Mumbai and Pune flock to Nashik to spend the weekend peacefully and in the Breezee of nature.

Here is a list of the Top Places to Feel Nature’s Touch in Nashik- 

– Dugarwadi

– Trimbakeshwar

– Ghoti

– Igatpuri

– Kasara

– Vani

  1. There are a few foods you should not miss in Nashik:

Misal is something that every Nashikkar cannot live without; you can get it in any hotel in Nashik, but if you want to taste the real Nashik missal, you must visit the places listed below.

Misal: Misal is something that will have you waiting for it in Nashik. Have it and then decide… Sadhana Chulivarchi Missal, Mamacha Wada, Tushar Missal, Bhamare Misaal, and other popular Misal locations include:

Finally, but not least-

  1. Stay in Nashik-

Finding affordable, safe, and well-connected lodging in the city has become extremely difficult…

Stay at a low cost but in a posh and secure location for families and professionals:

Nashik has a great chain of hotel sectors with up to 4-star hotels available in Nashik with great availability of resorts with all the amenities but it is not pocket friendly for sure here I have the best stay solution in Nashik- a new concept of stay has come into existence which is a Service apartment in Nashik where you get accommodation in a furnished and all the amenities like a hotel and that too in a reasonable range

The most recommended and loved service apartment in Nashik, with a 4.5-star rating across the board.

Service apartments are beneficial for temporary stays for the following reasons:

– Serviced Apartments are Pocket Friendly

– All the home alike amenities

– Furnished Properties

– Safe Locality

– Suitable for business travelers

The Aashiyana Service Apartments in Nashik redefines Comfort, Elegance & Luxury …!!

Ashiyana is located at College Road, a topmost locality in Nashik where other things like transportation, food, famous places, and vineyards are just minutes away.

Aashiyana Offers The Following Facilities:

There is free WiFi, air conditioning, a shared lounge, and a terrace.

-Rental of bicycles and cars

There are many amenities included in the properties, such as a hot water kettle, air conditioner, instant tea and coffee privileges, a 29″ LED TV with HD channels, etc.


At Aashiyana, all the safety measures like Sanitization, Social Distancing, Temperature Measure, etc are integrated to keep things hygienic and safe.

Aashiyana offers you unmatched options for your stay in Nashik, whether you’re staying for a short or a long time. At our very own Serviced Apartments in Nashik, the best service apartments in Nashik, you will enjoy the luxury of a star rated hotel with unimaginable deals.

During this time of pandemic we understand your concerns and have integrated an online booking system at Aashiyana you can also visit on Booking.com.

The stay in Nashik will surely be a memorable one for you. Enjoy your tour and stay safe…

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