Why buy rugs online?

Shopping rugs online has become more and more prevalent as we settle in to the information age. As the web started we used it for information exchange and to buy smaller items.

As people have become more comfortable with the web large purchases are being made. If you want to see some evidence of this go to eBay and see people sell their cars.



So why would you buy something as large as carpet over the web. Well the answer is saving a good chunk of change verses using a local carpet store. So how can this be how can you save thousands of dollars and still get the same quality.

Believe me your local carpet dealer will convince you that you are going to get scammed or that the carpet is not of the same quality as they carry. Well that is completely false.

I am not saying that there are not businesses out there that will sell you what is called seconds which is an industry term for merchandise that is not of first quality which is what is usually sold in carpet store. Seconds can be bought for pennies on the dollar.

We do not condone this practice. Just go and check out our record with the BBB and you can see we are not just an online reseller of carpet but we do have an actual storefront.


Carpet or area rugs that we sell over the internet are sold at a much smaller mark-up this is because we have less of an investment since the carpet is shipped directly from the carpet mill to your door therefore our overhead is lowered and we pass those savings on to you.

All of the carpet and area rugs we sell comes with a manufacturers warrantee and is of First quality. We will never sell anything other than first quality carpet. So the choice is yours use the local carpet store or find your own installer and buy carpet from us and save a large chunk of change.


It is not unusual for us to save someone anywhere from a thousand to a couple of thousand dollars depending on the item and quantity ordered. We welcome any comments or questions you may have. You can visit our online store www.starrugs.com.au for more details to buy rugs online or in store.


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