Why Candidate Experience Is Very Important

Back in 2012, my partner, David, interviewed for a senior-level role in a large, high-growth telecommunications company. The process went something like this. Here’s a snippet from a recent masterclass I ran on Reimagining the Talent Acquisition process. Enjoy.

Apply for the role through the company website

Hear nothing back for weeks

Get a call from the Talent Acquisition person from the company asking David to come in for an interview with the hiring manager the following day.

David shows up in the company lobby 5 minutes early and waits 20 minutes for the hiring manager to come out

Hiring manager greets David and says, “I haven’t had a chance to look at your resume, but let’s go down for a coffee.”

The Importance of Candidate Experience

Hiring manager spends 30 minutes with David (including the time spent walking and ordering coffee) and asks David to tell him about his background.

Hiring manager ends the interview by saying, “David, you are exactly the type of person we are looking for at X Company. I’m not sure where you’ll fit in, but I know there will be a place for you. I’ll be back in touch no later than next Tuesday.

That was 10 years ago – we’re still waiting for the call.

Over the next couple of months, we hosted several people for Sunday BBQs. That story came up almost every time – and almost every time (with the help of a couple of glasses of red) it became funnier and funnier – and put the company (A VERY high profile brand) in a worse and worse light.

Candidates who interview with you can be your biggest brand ambassador – or biggest detractor.

But what is it?

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