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Free players visiting rumors: Dukote close to signing 49 people
Darnell Dockett is about to find new jobs before the Arizona Red Spits Defensive Passenger Darnell Dockett. According to NFL official website reporters, Dukote visited 49 people in San Francisco on Tuesday after becoming freely players. According to reports, Dukotte will finally decide in recent days, 49 people are currently the biggest hot, wholesale jerseys but it is also possible to eliminate the possibility of returning to the red rickets. In addition, Seattle Hawks and St. Louis are also interested in him.

1. Former Miami dolphins take over Brian Hartline and Cleveland Brown meets, both parties discuss a happy. Hart Lan plans to visit Chicago Bear in the next few days, and the dolphins also indicate that they do not rule out the possibility of retransmission.

NFL TV Network Reporter Ian RapoPort reported that the Patriots contacted Brown in order to shoot the film in order to shoot name “All Si Dynasties”, get a camera The teacher took the scout that came to watch.

Davis has bought the Las Vegas raid man website in 1999
Do you think that the raid is relocated from Oakland to Las Vegas is the new idea of ​​Mark Mark Davis? In fact, I have begun this dream early in 1999.

Andy Abboud, Las Vegas government relations with the vice chairman of the community development told reporters: “When Spring, Davis came here and negotiated with us, you can publish the video we published online. Seeing, and seeing our welfare we promised to the local community, Mark also revealed that he bought the website of Las Vegas raid in 1999. “This is a leading thinking, 1999 Internet Not very popular, Davis thought of this.

“We are very excited Gardner accepted our invitation,” Difaerke representation. “He is very good, he is really good. You can see that he is very powerful. Most of our actions require high G Li Lace, he is great. I am very impressed.”

Of course, because you are worried that you are not uncomfortable to some rankings and evaluations, we will introduce you five members of this jury (that is, you should go through people. Complament them, use practical action to let them realize Your fans ranked really wrong)

The patriot staff is suspected of shooting a tiger scene in the Tiger Brown game.
Cincinnati Tiger Traders Zac Taylor Monday said wholesale nfl jerseys is investigating in Tiger on the gameplay of Brazliveland Brown, whether the new England patriot makes the camera in the Brown media box.

Last month, I visited the US Air Force Raybird Flight Performance Team and experienced the blue sky with the fighter. At that time, Kevin Difalco, who was driving the F-16 fighter, praised the performance of Ming Xiu in this flight.

It is worth mentioning that this game Brown’s quarter-free Brane Hoyer only took 17 times to complete 8 times, I got 217 yards, and the 8 successful passes contains 51 yards. At a time 41 yards and 31 yards, it is the number of large numbers. It is also very dissatisfied with this steelman Mike Tomlin. He said: “Our defensive group has released too much big size offensive, two of which make Brown completed a total of 100 yards and 14 Division. We can’t always let the other part of the number of large numbers, it may be buried in the game once. ”

“In the past year, the New England Patriot Content Creation Team has produced a series of behind-the-theme movies as the themes in the team. The 7 episodes of the” all Division “film can be viewed on the official website. On December 8 On Sunday, the content creation team sent a three-person filming to the game to the Brown, for the production of the long film related to the Patriot Scouting Team, which was to take a ball working in the media box. The probe is part of the long film. ”

First, declare: Jerry Jones did not send us any big amount of check, and the cowboy is really ranked first. That’s right, the self-seized US team is now the best fan group in the United States. Of course, this is the best news to cowboy, because the country else seems to have no one likes cowboy or cowboy fans. In fact, in the recent public opinion, cowboy is selected as the most unpopular team in the United States.

“Although our film crew sought and got the license by Cleveland, we failed to inform the Tiger and the Alliance. In addition to shooting the scout, our production team does not know the specific alliance, they shoot from the media box. Stadium. The only purpose of the camera is to show the work of scouting in the drove. We have no intention to use the shooting screen for other purposes. We understand and admit that we include the film crew of the independent contractor responsible for the camera from the media box. On the side, in the case of unknowing, violate the alliance regulations. When the inquiry is asked, the film crew immediately handed over all images to the league and fully cooperated. ”

“Sometimes people may not like to roll actions and high G force actions, so we do everything to fly in these public relations,” Difarco said. “Is to show us what we do in F-16. If they feel uncomfortable, we will choose not to perform a specific action.”Indianapolis-Colts-17-Collie-Blue

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