Why Choose Dental Implant and No To Other Tooth Replacement Options


Have you lost a tooth? It is essential to fix the issue with a good teeth replacement solution to prevent bone loss, other teeth falling, and other oral issues. Yes, it’s a dental implant. Today there are many tooth replacement options, but comparatively, dental implants Albuquerque NM is the best tooth-replacement option, which not only looks like your real tooth, but also functions like your real teeth. Delaying treatment will develop other oral tissues and ends up paying more for other dental issues in addition.

Why No To Dental Bridges?

1.A bridge can sometimes be more economical at first, but a dental implant can cost you less in the long run.

2.Bridges tend to have short lives, five to ten years, compared to a dental implant, which can last a lifetime.

3.A bridge requires two often healthy teeth to be altered, which is not ideal for replacing a missing tooth compared to a dental implant.

Why Not to Dentures?

1.Progressive bone loss as a result of wearing dentures can cause facial collapse.

2.Dentures don’t provide the stimulation needed to prevent bone loss.

3.Dentures may click while eating

4.It’s hard to chew with dentures, and you can’t eat a lot of food you like or need.

5.Dentures can slip out while eating or speaking.

6.Dentures cover the roof of the mouth.

7.Dentures have to be removed for cleaning.

8.Dentures often have to be kept in the mouth by using a dental adhesive

Why Yes To Dental Implant?

1.Dental Implants can prevent facial sagging and premature aging

2.Dental Implants can help keep you free of gum disease

3.Dental Implants keep adjacent teeth stable

4.Dental Implants prevent bone loss

5.Dental Implants can last a lifetime

6.Dental Implants behave like natural teeth (both by look and function)

7.The dental implant will improve the ability to eat and chew.

8.Dental implants done by the best dentist in Albuquerque, NM have a high success rate.

9.Easy to care for. All you have to do is brush and floss daily.

10.It will be safe for adjacent natural teeth, and it will act as a cavity-free tooth.

The Bottom Line

Are you looking to have a dental implant? Book an appointment with the right dentist in Albuquerque NM , like W. Gregory Rose! He offers the latest techniques and technology available in many areas of Advance Cosmetic dentistry and sleeps medicine, including the dental implant.

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