Why Choose Home Health Care Services

Setting up home care is more and more popular with the people to cope with a loss of autonomy. As a result of an accident, an illness, or simply advancing age, living alone sometimes becomes very complicated. Physical limitations, health problems or mental disorders have many effects on daily life. We will see that choosing home health care services has many advantages over placement in a specialized establishment.

Making daily life easier with home care

It is easy to forget that everyday life is punctuated by small, harmless gestures that may require assistance for the most fragile among us. Whether it is essential acts of hygiene or nutrition, when getting up or going to bed for dressing and hairdressing, a specialized home help allows you to maintain this necessary autonomy.

Better health care

Keeping dependent people at home makes it possible to organize a constant and efficient watch according to health problems. Nursing care, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy services at-home care are provided by people who have the time necessary for personalized and attentive care, which is unfortunately not always the case within an establishment. Specialized regular medical visits are also a means of effectively monitoring the progress of the state of health.

Fight against the isolation of the dependent person

Keeping reliant people offering home health care services at home makes it possible to establish a favourable framework to fight against isolation. The different caregivers create and maintain cordial and friendly ties and enable the patient to hold regular conversations. In addition, staying at home makes it possible to avoid the estrangement of relatives and friends: visits can last more quickly than in the case of placement in an isolated establishment.

Calling on a home help service can also be the way to preserve the mobility of the dependent person. The accompanying person is in charge of providing medical and private travel, such as visits to the doctor, the pharmacy, shopping, visits to friends, or cultural outings.

Save money with home care

It is, on average, much more economical to choose home care rather than placement in a retirement home or EHPAD. This type of organization can, moreover, in some instances receive substantial financial assistance, as is also the case for home improvement in the context of home support for people with loss of autonomy. Even if the purchase of a medical bed and the equipment essential for maintenance has a cost, it is generally less than a stay in a hospital.

Maintain a good quality of life

In a situation of dependency, it is very important to maintain a lifestyle that suits us! Staying at home allows you to stay in a familiar and comfortable place, especially for people who do not feel comfortable in a group. The home health care services also allow it to establish a regular rhythm in daily life and a reassuring environment while remaining particularly adaptable to each personal situation.

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