Why Choose Nursing as Your Career?

Being a nurse is never easy. Professionals in this field are responsible for taking care of different patients, depending on their specialization. Getting a nursing degree takes years of study and effort to become knowledgeable and serve clients effectively.

Today, nursing professionals working in hospitals and healthcare institutions are significantly decreasing, considering that large portions are reaching retirement age. As of March 2020, 22% out of two million registered nurses (RNs) in hospitals were 55 years old and above. 

With the consistent demand for quality health, the industry still needs people who can assist the doctors and become assets of their respective medical institutions. Looking for reasons to choose nursing as a future career, here are some reasons why:

Nurses Can Make a Difference

Nurses are not only medical practitioners but also can be counselors as well. They can offer hope and optimism to their patients and families after learning about devastating diagnosis. Nursing professionals can also befriend the patient and become their trustworthy confidantes.

Nurses can also volunteer to serve far-flung communities that need medical attention and assistance. These professionals can spark change by simply volunteering for activities that can improve the community’s health.

Nursing Degree Programs Exist Almost Everywhere

Nursing is among the most sought degrees per the National Center for Education Statistics. Aspirants can apply to various United States-based colleges and universities offering like Associate Degree in Nursing or ADN. There are also more than 20 nursing specializations that students can pursue to become the nurse of their dreams. Getting your nursing degree is also one of the requirements to become a nurse coach, so a diploma is important.

Availability of Financial Aid Opportunities

Studying takes money. Aspirants without financial capability might find themselves indebted just to pursue their nursing degree. Payback programs might take decades or more to be paid completely. Aspiring nurses have many options to continue their studies, such as nursing scholarships and money grants from public and private organizations. Some hospitals also provide tuition remission programs for their staffers planning to study again.

Need more inspiration to pursue nursing? A nurse mentor might be what you need. This professional is willing to share knowledge and experience with you. 

Contact Dr. Feyi Sangoleye today! She wants to listen to your insights and dreams and help you reach your goals. 

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