Why Cloud is Best Approach for Mobile QA Services

Today’s market conditions, where large number of businesses increasing their operations on mobile and mobile applications are transforming the business models at a pacey rate. It is very important to assure the good UI and performance regardless of the processor, OS and provider we use.
However due to new advancements takes place day by day as new technologies devices, OS and versions are developed as well as with different screen sizes and resolution which makes difficult to maintain the app quality.

Motivation behind cloud based testing for portable applications were to address the issues of disseminated association. Where the endeavors controls the most recent variant of uses, working frameworks, gadgets according to the need of most recent advanced cells and tablets.
What should an Ideal testing platform for mobile applications require:

1. You can easily accessible mobile phones
2. Numbers of mobile phones and operating systems are huge
3. Easy to identify the areas of improvement
4. Direct access and communication between teams
5. Monitoring

Why Cloud Based Approach

Using cloud technology for mobile testing offer great monitoring with real time across various handsets and networks. Through cloud problems can be detected and resolved on time.

In today’s market everyday new technology phones introduced so it becomes difficult to keep up with latest handsets. That’s why cloud is used with all features.

Cloud Based Automation testing benefits businesses with the agile methodology within application development . Automated scripts can be run on various devices and are easily scalable. Mechanization is basic to help this sort of steady, test-driven turn of events, which is described by successive (daily) forms and relapse testing

Portable mists offers, testing on a private handset, which guarantees that the handsets they need for testing are consistently accessible to help their ALM cycles and schedules(No public sharing of handset among the assets)

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