Why Credit Scores Play an Important Role for Bank Statement Home Loans


Not every borrower is an office employee; some can be entrepreneurs, freelancers, gig workers, or seasonal workers. However, most of the mortgages are modeled for those who have a regular job. It goes without saying how many individuals deprive them of buying their first house. However, their dream must not end here; a productive alternative is still open. Bank statement home loans are widely available for those who have non-traditional employment.

Don’t worry; this loan program is just like any other mortgage. You need to make a down payment, pay for the loan rate, closing rates, and other charges, meet the property requirements, and pass the credit guidelines. If you are a first-time borrower looking for one of the perfect bank statement home loans in Houston, you might be confused. The first step is linked to your credit score. Without your FICO score, you cannot even find a lender. When you are purchasing a home, you need a foolproof plan. When your credit history is at a decent place, you are going to fetch the best interest rate. In case you are wondering about the link between bank statement loan and credit score, keep reading.

Getting a bank statement home loan with poor credit

Bank statement home loans cater to borrowers who are running low on the credit front. The mortgage only requires 550 credits. Typically, conventional home loans need 620 scores. It is a good thing that you have found a mortgage with 550 scores, but this can fire back. Paying higher rates can be crucial to maintain. The low credit score affects the loan rate – work on it for better interest rates. You can follow another process, make a large down payment. Make sure you have paid down debts for lowering your debt-to-income ratio.

Go behind your credit report

The credit report holds detailed information on the borrowed amount and your history of clearing the debt. Lenders pull the credit information to acknowledge your creditworthiness. It is also a way to figure out how capable you are to repay the mortgage. When you get a credit report, you can see a history of repaying student loans and credit cards. The report can also show you whether you have made payments for medical or utility bills on time. Credit inquiries show up on the report, and too much hard inquiries can pull down your credit. It is essential to review your credit report for weeding out inaccuracies.

Just like any other loan, a bank statement home loan is a fine example of long-term commitment. When you have been worrying about less-than-perfect scores and your type of employment, the bank statement mortgage is a boon. You can keep working on the score for favorable terms as well. Also, look for a private lender who is willing to offer 550 scores. In case you have no credit, start building. This type of mortgage provides greater limits and no PMI for a 10% down payment. When in confusion, get help from the lender.


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