Why customise your Boudoir Shoot?

The reasons for having a Boudoir Shoot are vast, but I want you know that whatever your reason, whatever your story, it is valid. Boudoir Photography is a vulnerable genre and I want you to know that I am very passionate about giving my ladies the best Boudoir Experience, in the safest space to be vulnerable, to be themselves, and to honour themselves in a beautiful empowering environment.

We all have a story, each one as valid as each other. Whether you share your story or not is completely up to you always & if you don’t want to, it’s none of anyone’s business. However, when we do share, we may touch someone more profoundly than we know. We may form a connection or a friendship, or just knowing you are not alone can be really comforting. Brisbane Boudoir

Having a Boudoir Studio, allows me to have a safe space where women are allowed to be vulnerable, are allowed to share without judgment & are allowed to be their best selves naturally, albeit with a bit of sass & a whole lot of ass! Having a Boudoir shoot can mean different things to different women, so finding out more about you & your reasons for having a Boudoir Shoot will help me to personalise your entire Boudoir experience from the very beginning. This is why I have an in-person planning coffee date. Photography Boudoir Tips

Miss J was kind enough to share her story in her own words about why she chose to have a Boudoir shoot & how she made the massive decision to have a double mastectomy & reconstruction in her early 20’s. She will also share how we personalised her shoot just for her so that it would have meaning & to her.

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