Why Cyprus is Deemed as a Haven for all the Surrogacy Seeking Couples?

Surrogacy has proved to be a savior for many couples around the world that felt deprived of that much awaited happiness in their lives. However, there are still few countries that don’t approve a surrogacy agreement within their legal territories.

Hence, the intended parents have to seek for locations that offer most ethical surrogacy option at an affordable cost. Discussing the most ethical and cost effective surrogacy program, we can certain put surrogacy in Cyprus into the same list.

Is surrogacy legal in Cyprus?

As a matter of fact, Cyprus doesn’t have any surrogacy laws. That said, anyone can pursue a surrogacy program in the country while getting along with a reputed surrogacy agency in Cyprus. So, be it surrogacy for same sex parents or surrogacy for singles in Cyprus, you can go ahead with your aspirations without any issues.

Still, according to the family laws of the country, the surrogate mother Cyprus doesn’t have any rights of the born child. This way, the intended parents are the legal parents of the kid post its birth. Given to this regulation, along with many other benefits, numerous intended parents choose surrogacy in Cyprus over any other destination.

How to find the surrogate mother in Cyprus?

Cyprus offers healthy surrogate options that further come from ethical and reputed family backgrounds. So, being an intended parent, you don’t need to worry much about the health and wellbeing of the surrogate mother Cyprus, along with your future child.

On the other hand, you can search for a surrogate mother in two ways: either by yourself or by connecting with a surrogacy agency in Cyprus.

Now, finding a surrogate mother all by yourself may seem like a daunting task, given your unfamiliarity with the locals and social structure of the country. Besides, the surrogate mother Cyprus also needs to be screened and tested for a list of health ailments before getting aboard with the surrogacy agreement.

So, in every aspect, dealing with a surrogacy agency in Cyprus is always the right idea. Doing that, you can cut down your efforts and time that could be put towards other important chores of your life.

Surrogacy Agency in Cyprus

How to go about surrogacy for singles in Cyprus?

As mentioned earlier, surrogacy is permitted for everyone in Cyprus, irrespective of their sexual orientation. Hence, being an intended parent, you can also pursue surrogacy for singles in Cyprus without any issues.

The entire process will remain the same barring the fact that you need to bring a sperm donor or an egg donor aboard for the IVF process. On the other side, surrogate mother cannot put her claim to the born child according to the family laws in Cyprus.

So, even while being a single parent, you would attain the legal parenthood of the born child upon its birth.

Benefits of choosing surrogacy in Cyprus

There are many benefits of choosing surrogacy in Cyprus. First of all, the country is situated at such a serene location. Additionally, the most popular reproductive treatments, such IVF, egg donation, and gestational surrogacy, are available in Cyprus at an affordable cost.

Gestational surrogacy is highly popular in Cyprus, so the intended parents can always ensure that the surrogate mother is not sharing any biological connection with the born child. This way, every party involved goes into the agreement in good spirits.

Here in Cyprus, egg donors and surrogate mothers must adhere to strict requirements. In order to confirm that the willing surrogate candidates are healthy enough to carry a child, they must go through a series of medical exams and psychological testing. Regarding egg donors, they are examined for any genetic abnormalities as well as sexually transmitted infections (STD).

On the other side, due to Cyprus’ division into its northern and southern territories, intended parents can select from a variety of legal perspectives and choose the best course of action for them. For instance, North Cyprus law regulation will greet you cordially whether you are a single parent or a gay couple looking for a chance to have a baby.

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