Degree Certificate Attestation

If you want to travel abroad to look for work, you must provide certain documents. One of the essential documents among those is your degree certificate. If you apply for a job in the UAE or GCC, UK, Australia, Canada, or any other region, your employer will ask you to submit some general documents. They are the original degree certificate obtained from the university and the original transcript certificate obtained from colleges or universities, etc.



Now let’s glance at what degree certificate attestation is and its importance.



Degree Certificate Attestation


As you all know, degree certificate attestation is mandatory to check the authenticity and verify the genuineness of the certificate. If you have completed graduation from any university, you will get a degree certificate.


The concerned university or college issues a degree certificate. For example, if you graduate from any college affiliated with Calicut University in the Indian state of Kerala, you will receive a certificate from Calicut University. If you want to work in another country, you must have the primary document, your degree certificate.



A degree certificate can reveal your academic qualifications. Now that you aim to be an employee in a foreign country, you must have a degree certificate in your hand that is attested by the concerned authority. Not only for employment but also for visiting, doing higher studies, or living with your family, you also need a degree certificate attestation.


Not only a degree certificate is required; it also requires attested documents such as a birth certificate attestation, marriage certificate attestation, post-graduation certificate attestation, death certificate attestation, etc., for getting a job.

If you want a job in a foreign country, you must have a degree certificate attestation.



Now let’s look at the various purposes of a degree certificate attestation.



  • To obtain employment abroad.
  • For pursuing higher education.
  • For getting a resident visa.
  • For migration purposes.




Do you know an interesting thing about certificate attestation?

If you have a degree certificate, its value will increase in the country where you are working.


Let us now examine the various documents required for degree certificate attestation.





  1. The original degree certificate
  2. A passport copy.
  3. Two passport-size photographs
  4. Offer letter with signature
  5. Copy of the offer letter
  6. A copy of all of your primary education certificates
  7. A copy of each semester’s grade sheet



Step 1: Notary Public Stamp on Degree Certificate


A notary public is a legally authorised individual who will document notarisation. The northern public will check our graduation certificate and then put a signature and stamp with the official seal. This is step one.


Step 2: Authorization from the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, India (MHRD)


If you are an Indian who wants to get a job in the UAE, you should verify your degree certificate from the MHRD or the ministry of human resources and development.


Step 3: UAE Embassy Attestation


The next step in the attestation process is degree certificate verification at the UAE embassy Attestation in India.


Step 5: Ministry of External Affairs attestation in the UAE


After completing all the above steps, the next one is mofa attestation. The UAE government will accept all papers only after your degree certificate gets a stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs.




Now we have checked the various steps in degree certificate attestation.


Many people still need clarification regarding why we should submit a degree certificate attestation to get a job in the UAE.

If you submit an attested degree certificate when you are hired at a company, following the following official process will be extra easy and smooth. There are many cases of people coming to Dubai without a degree certificate attestation.


Do you know that without a degree certificate Attestation, you may also face unnecessary delays in processing your work visa? It’s so complicated and risky if you do not submit a verified degree certificate, and it could also affect your job and cause you to lose your employment opportunity. That’s why getting your degree certificate attestation from the MOFA Attestation Dubai or Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation Dubai is very important.


So before going to the UAE, ensure that you have your degree certificate and that the concerned authority verifies it. Anyway, all the best, and improve your career in the UAE.

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