Why Do I Need Mobility Scooter Insurance?

Mobility scooters may greatly improve your quality of life by allowing you to be more independent and accessible. Thousands of people rely on them on a daily basis to get things done. Their degree of danger grows when they are able to operate mobility scooters on pedestrian streets and roadways.

Even the most cautious rider may be involved in an accident or suffer damage to their scooter. That is why having  mobility scooter  insurance coverage is so crucial.

What are the many types of mobility scooters available?

It’s critical to understand the many sorts of Mobility Scooters before purchasing insurance coverage.

Scooters of class 2 are only allowed to be used on pavements (unless when there aren’t any) and have a top speed of 4mph. The DVLA does not need you to register your scooter. Consists of folding mobility scooters too.

Scooters classified as Class 3 must be registered with the DVLA and weigh no more than 150kg. They can be driven on the road at an 8-mile-per-hour speed limit but must be driven at 4 miles per hour on pavements. As with all road users, you must follow all traffic laws.

If you’re going to ride a class 3 mobility scooter on the road, you’ll need a good braking system, indicators, a rearview mirror, an audible horn, and front and rear lighting.

Why should I bother with scooter insurance if it isn’t required by law?

Currently, there is no legal requirement for owners of mobility scooters to obtain insurance, but what happens if you have an accident or wake up to find your scooter has been stolen? The Department of Transportation stated in 2017 that the number of accidents employing mobility scooters was on the rise, with over 61 significant incidents documented.

There are several reasons why purchasing insurance is a sensible idea; for example, if you break down and become stuck, the coverage can assist in getting you and your equipment safely home. When these sorts of scenarios arise, you’ll always be in good hands with our nationwide breakdown coverage, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In the worst-case situation, such as your scooter being stolen or vandalized, your insurance may be able to cover the cost of replacing or repairing it. Remember that your insurance coverage will cover public responsibility, so if you cause an accident that results in a pedestrian being injured, you may be covered from compensation claims.

Insurance not only provides peace of mind, but it may also save you money by preventing you from having to pay out big quantities of money. It is critical to safeguard your Mobility scooter investment in order to keep the independence and quality of life that your scooter delivers.


The truth is that you don’t want to be paying for damages to your scooter out of your own pocket. Scooters are already large purchases, to begin with, and it can be cost-prohibitive to pay for repairs out of pocket. If you’re worried about paying for repairs out of pocket, you should consider buying mobility scooter insurance. Thus, when purchasing mobility scooters for sale always get them insured.

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