Why do kids love Beyblades even today?

Children associate themselves with the shows they watch. It has turned profitable for toy industries that brought the things they see on tv into live-action. One such game is Beyblade, which launched as a TV show in February 2002. Soon kids got crazy about them, just like other shows at the time like Pokémon.

This craze got boosted with the introduction of Beyblade toys. It is a spinning top that emits light and sounds. Every kid wanted to have it. But how is it still in demand after all these years? It is the kind of legacy it established over the years. It is not only a game but a connection that kids have with the characters in the show.

Let us understand this fad in detail:

Tournaments: Kids take this toy very seriously. It involves an arena called Bey stadium. Kids group into two teams and launch their tops in the stadium shouting out ‘Let it Rip’. The top spins longer or manages to knock out the opponent’s top wins. This becomes complex with advanced Beyblades, rules, and arenas for enhanced excitement.

One of its kind: It stands out from regular tops because of its uniqueness. It is available in varieties for each component included. These parts comprise a weight disc, attack ring, spin gear, ripping string, and blade gear. Kids make their Beyblades by combining these in different ways. All of them have varying functions regarding speed, capacity, etc.

Collection: Its deconstructive nature encouraged experimentation among kids. This led to collecting different Beyblades that had varied shapes, sizes, colours, motors, etc. The winner of battles would get the opponents toy which contributed to the collective culture. Also, collecting and trading cards and toy parts became a trend due to the show’s popularity and snacks availability.

Depicting characters: Kids get obsessed with cartoon characters. It is always a fascination for them to do the things they see in the show in real life. Beyblade made way to boost that imagination and fantasy. This is a significant reason for its popularity. Choosing the variants with their favourite characters and enacting their traits is the main excitement.

Series and range: These games come assembled or in parts. The fully functional variants are costlier as compared to deconstructed ones. However, the latter provides scope for different combinations. Hence it is more popular. The range of these toys includes attack, variety, endurance, and defence type. As the names suggest, they are categorised according to their functions.

This guide is to help you understand the craze behind the toys. It should help you understand why your kids demand them and if you should head to their obsession. It is essential to consider that seeing their imagination come to life is like magic for kids. It has benefits like creativity, focus, sporting spirit, etc., that outweigh the fad. This should guide you in deciding to buy it for them.

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