Why do people choose virtual divorce mediation rather than court hearings?

Virtual Mediation is a process where parties can solve their problems without having a face-to-face conversation. All of the sessions are done through either a telephone call or private video conference (with each party in separate “virtual rooms”). Parties may send their necessary paperwork/documents via an online platform. Virtual mediation is the same as a regular mediation, except that it’s done in a virtual setting. The parties will never be forced to make decisions and will only make those decisions that are most beneficial for them and their families. Online Mediators will simply give suggestions and help parties in making the decision.

Virtual Divorce Mediation Vs Court Hearings and Litigation?

Family Law and Virtual Divorce Mediation provides quicker and more satisfying results because its decision that you and your spouse have come to agree to all without having to go before a judge.  Online mediation services make this easy and convenient. South Florida Family Law Mediator

Online family law mediation is an alternative option to solve all the disputes without wasting time because it could take months to resolve these issues if done in court.  Of course, going to court is also almost always more expensive than settlement and mediation.

Court cases take a lot of time to address the issues. It may take several hearings and court appearances before the issues are even resolved.

Virtual Mediation can take just one or two sessions to resolve all your issues.  Or choose temporary issues now rather than waiting for Court to reopen. Fort Lauderdale Online Divorce Consultation

Virtual family law and online divorce mediation is a more cost effective process because less litigation preparation is required (and although having a lawyer is strongly recommended, it is not required; some individuals choose to attend their family law mediation without lawyers to avoid legal fees).

If you and your spouse are living in different states, cities, or even households with the ongoing pandemic, it could become complicated to resolve all your issues. Conference calls and video conferences all you to resolve your issues from any any location. All you need is a telephone or computer! You could mediate from the comfort of your home. There are numerous online platforms that provide assistance to help you hire a mediator. The mediators are highly experienced and will provide you with all possible solutions.

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