Why do women prefer men with jockstraps?

Jockstraps have always made men look and feel a certain way. They add the element that makes men no less than gods. Due to their abilities to enhance your sex appeal, it won’t be unfair to term them as sexy underwear for men. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at the brief history of jockstraps. Some people still believe it is feminine to wear jockstraps and unconventional. This thought led me to do a little research and their history is quite complementary to the thought. They were originally designed to provide comfort and support to bicycle jockeys. The designers later on combined this comfort with bold designs. This hybrid style created a new category of men’s underwear. This integration formed a segment of designer men’s underwear and there has been no turning back ever since then.   



Jockstraps are in fashion

Jockstrap underwear for men are notoriously famous for their minimal coverage, comfortable material, and supportive style. The reason behind this style and comfort lies in the design philosophy and in the fabric selected. Taking a look at the design, you can clearly see how the designer has played with the designs without making things complex. They have created a simple yet elegant design that helps you expose your assets without being too revealing. This seems a little bit ironic as the men’s jockstrap underwear is known for its minimalistic coverage and what’s the point of wearing these just for the sake of coverage. 

Mens Jockstrap Underwear

The overall mindset while developing this sexy men’s jockstrap is to keep things simple and smooth. Moving on to the fabric used in the material. They have very cleverly selected a combination of materials that brings pleasure with quality. Polyamide and Spandex are generally used, they provide both comfort and stretchability. Also, the added benefit of using them is how the flow of air is improved. They reduce sweat retention and keep you fresh all day.  



What are they made of?


This men’s jockstrap underwear has created the perfect balance of performance and design. They have a customized contour lining of their front pouch. This offers ease and makes it very simple to maneuver your tool. Moving to the rear end, these men’s jockstraps make your buttocks pop-out but in a way that makes it look desirable to any woman. They have been notoriously famous for making women get infatuated with you but with an insatiable hunger that never seems to be full.


 If we take a close look at jockstraps we can easily see how they have a basic design style that is combined with modern styles and technology to offer a design that is much more than normal underwear. The thing about these sexy men’s jockstrap is that they feature hybrid designs that combine the sexiness of the design with the comfort and support your package requires so that you are on your A-game all-day every-day.  


 Kyle KLE007 The Cocktail Jockstrap

What’s the occasion?


These jockstraps are suitable for all occasions from indoors or outdoors, romantic nights, or heavy-duty days at the gym. The designers have used a very selective approach while designing these men’s jockstraps segment. We all want to look sexy and entice our partners and that is what this line offers you. They have been designed in a way that embodies your true personality and makes you the alpha you are. They take pride in designing or creating the most intimate sexy jockstrap for men who want more from their underwear. The designers have truly done a remarkable job to make such designs that are unforgettable. There is no doubt that Agacio has done a wonderful job creating such a line up that offers diverse designs with the best in class range. 



Jockstraps are compared with bikinis due to their unique designs but jockstraps are more comfortable and they have a waistband rather than a string. The bikini has a rather sexy design however men’s jockstraps have a rather comfortable and sexy design at the same time. This is basically in a broader sense of what jockstraps are. 



Let’s buy Jockstraps!


What about if we want to see their true beauty? It can be done on the e-stores of Mensuas. They are basically a multi-style underwear brand that has much more than just jockstraps. Their offerings include bikini, boxers, briefs, and more. It is a great initiative from the Mensuas team that lets you choose through thousands of designs with minimal efforts. At Mensuas you can even shop in different styles as they have got loads of them. This particular part blew my brains as I surveyed through hundreds of web stores just to find that one a particular jockstrap that my partner got excited by and wanted me to wear thanks to Mensuas, I was able to satisfy her desires and cross the pleasure limits. Mensuas has created a place where you can find the underwear that fits, looks good and makes you the guy you want to be. 


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