Why Do You Need Residential HVAC Maintenance Service?

Many people like to plan for the upcoming weather season in advance. Families mull vacations and recreational activities while children plan what they’re going to do during school holidays. Some even consider spring-cleaning and allocate everyone’s task on a separate whiteboard. What many homeowners forget, however, is an annual HVAC maintenance service from a certified technician to ensure their HVAC system is prepared for the hot/cold season. Here are some reasons why residential HVAC maintenance by HVAC contractors is important.

1. To Check Your Air Ducts

If you have observed over the last winter or two that your utility bills are rising significantly when you’re using the heating portion of your HVAC system, there can be a different reason than just the utility companies increasing their rates. After years of use, air ducts wear down over time. You may notice small or large holes in the ducts and there can be split welding joints. As part of the maintenance, the trained technician will check your air ducts for any holes or other defects and make certain they are in good shape.

2. To Check Your Unit

The HVAC contractors will certainly inspect your entire unit. He will dismantle it and check each piece to ensure that you don’t run into any discomfort in the middle of the winter cool. When you have this inspected in the fall, you have time for any repairs or replacements that may be required to get your system running at optimum efficiency.

3. To Clean Everything

Whether there is something bad or not, residential HVAC maintenance service includes cleaning every component. This means they will clean condenser coils, filters, and other parts inside your HVAC system, as well as air ducts and vents going in and out of your building. You want to make sure your system circulates clean and fresh air into your house. Cleaning of various parts helps in preventing pollens and mold from entering your home atmosphere and keeping yourself healthy.

4. To Maintain Everything

HVAC maintenance service ultimately helps in keeping your unit running smoothly and efficiently throughout the season. With regular tune-ups that are usually inexpensive, you can keep your furnace or boiler in tiptop condition. A well-maintained furnace is likely to break down during peak season. If it is professionally serviced on time, it will consume less energy and work fine for the years to come. The HVAC technician will also perform scheduled maintenance, including oiling necessary parts, changing all of your air filters, and making sure your Freon is full with environmentally acceptable coolant.

Contact licensed and trusted professionals in residential HVAC maintenance service, for your spring maintenance visits. The technician can also visit you in the fall to prepare your heating unit for its work during the cooler months.

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