Why Do You Need Travel Insurance When Travelling Outside Canada?

Traveling outside your country without having any protection is not a good thing to do, especially if you are planning to go to a different country this year, amidst this coronavirus pandemic.

As a person who prioritizes safety, you want to look into things that you can invest in so you can travel safely and peacefully without having to worry about the things that can go south during your trip.

One of the best things that you can invest in if you want coverage in case you travel outside your country is the best travel insurance in Calgary.

This type of insurance policy is capable of helping you out in case you get in trouble during your visit to a different country, but the thing is, how can it help you out and why is it important to buy one?

In this blog, Calgary Insurance Quotes will be listing down some things that you can do in order to understand why it is important for Canadians to buy a travel insurance policy when they are traveling outside Canada this year.

 4 reasons why Canadians need Travel Insurance if traveling to a different country

  1. Your insurance will not work in a different country

 The first reason why it’s important for Canadians to buy travel insurance when they are planning to travel to a different country is the fact that their normal insurance is not going to work in that different country unless they bought an insurance policy that offers universal care. If you have a local affordable insurance policy that only works in Canada, you need to buy travel insurance. This type of policy can offer a bunch of coverages when you get in trouble in a different country.


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  1. Baggage loss coverage

 The second reason is it offers baggage loss coverage. If you are going to a different country and the airlines or you lose. Your baggage, travel insurance will offer a certain amount of money to help you purchase those things back. The amount of coverage that you will get on this one depends on the travel insurance that you are about to buy, so make sure you know which offers the most.

  1. Medical coverage

 Yep, not only some coverage, but travel insurance offers coverage like no other policy at a very low rate. Travel insurance also offers medical coverage along with emergency evacuation in case something really goes south in that country. There are a bunch of things that this policy does not covers when it comes to medical coverage, so make sure you talk with your insurance broker about what’s covered and what’s not.

  1. Emergency evacuation

 Just like what we mentioned above, this type of insurance policy offers emergency evacuation, which means if you are stuck in a country due to some reason, the insurance company is going to help you out in getting out of that country.

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