Why Does Everyone Still Love Google Pixel Wireless Buds Even After 2 Months?

Even after the two months of the launch of Google true wireless earbuds, still, people love these earbuds. After several issues, the Google Pixel Buds didn’t have the smooth launching in the market. There were a couple of problems which shadowed the real power of the pixel buds. But after a couple of months of being launched, there is a fresh update to fix all these issues.

Why Does Everyone Still Love Google Pixel Wireless Buds Even After 2 Months

Still, A Great Option To Buy Google Pixel Buds

In the past two months, the Pixel has worked on two big issues which were noticeable.

Google Pixel receives firmware 296 to work on these issues, which arrived on Pixel Buds on June 16. No doubt, it has improved both the areas. If you had noticed that there was a slight static noise, then that has gone right now. So, you won’t face any issue when you pause audio in it. You can test it individually by wearing these buds while walking, running or cycling. You can also test it over the phone call while holding your phone in different directions. Previously, the users faced problems like call drop when you hold your phone in a different direction.

These are small issues that are now fixed. So, if you diagnose those issues, you won’t find any problem. It was like a swift update, which makes it perfect wireless earbuds.

The address of these little bugs in wireless earbuds can help you to enjoy your pixel earbuds, and after the update for the Pixel Buds, you will enjoy it more. There is no doubt that it is one of the wireless buds with great design. The tiny size of the buds and the error-less touch control makes it a good wireless earbud. The case of these buds is too good, and you will love the compact size of the case that satisfies you whenever you close or open it.

The quality of the microphone is amazing, that makes it one of the best choices for making phone calls. Those who are using these buds with their latest update don’t face any major issue while using these buds while walking around in a loud city. There is a solid sound quality in which you will find the balance of enough bass and softness of the voice for both the podcast and music. If you don’t love the default section of the volume, then you can adjust it accordingly, which is one of its amazing features. You will see that there is a nice and gradual change in the volume as you don’t need to adjust it too frequently. The feature is quite useful while running, as you don’t want to control the volume button with your sweaty hands.

You will find a more precise review of the Google Assistant and voice functionality further in this blog. There is another smart feature in these earbuds, which is spoken notification that is evident. Like when you are running and want quick access to your phone, and it is in your waist-pack on your back, then you might face the issue of accessing your phone. In that case, pixel buds can give you quick access to your phone’s notification. If you tap and hold on your one earbud, then the bud will read the whole announcement for you. Through this process, you can get the information from your phone without touching it. You are able to select the applications from which you want to hear the notifications.

Some Elements Of Google Pixel Buds: Makes It The Best Wireless

Let’s first talk about the Battery life. The Google Pixel Buds has just fine battery life, and due to this, the product is outclassed in the competition. It rarely offers five-hours battery life, which is not at all good for any wireless earbuds as some of the users love to hear the music for a longer duration. But the case can hold the battery life of 20-hours of battery life with the additional 10 minutes of charging. If you want to use it for some particular period, then you don’t need to look for the battery of the case. After getting the notification for the battery low, you can charge it for a few minutes here and there.

The only issue that you will face is the execution of the “Hey Google” voice command, which is quite chunky and slow. The earbuds have all the features that can hear all the voice commands that may help you to send a message and many more. But there are higher chances that Google will work on this issue and send another update that will overcome this issue. But right now, you may need to wait and pull out your phone to perform all your activities.

Tight Competition For All True Wireless Earbuds

The market of the true wireless packed with different options. All the options of the earbuds have something for everyone. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and the Jabra Elite 5t are the leading competitors of the Pixel Buds that offer a perfect deal for all the users. Both the buds have ideal sound quality, and both organizations are offering their buds $30 cheaper than the pixel buds.

But the Pixel Buds have the sleek case design, which you will not find in the Elite 74ts. Honestly, the case of the Galaxy Buds+ doesn’t have wireless charging, but the battery life of their buds is larger than the Pixel’s buds.

Even the case of the Galaxy Buds+ is not as good as the Pixel Buds, as Google has the glossy plastic body and includes wireless charging. It is small and lightweight, which makes it best in all wireless buds.

One thing that goes in favour of Pixel is that no competitor has the hands-free capabilities and auto-volume adjustment of the pixel buds, and no one has the stylish or sleek design like Pixel buds.

If you buy any of these wireless buds, then you can go for any of the above options. It would help if you considered the price factor for finding the truly wireless earbud.

Quick Guide

Reasons to Buy Pixel Earbuds

  • Smallest earbuds
  • Wireless charging
  • Hands-free voice controls
  • Design and style
  • Have to make lots of phone calls while wearing earbuds

Reasons for Which You Won’t Go For The Pixel Earbuds

  • Expensive
  • No active noise cancellation
  • Low battery life

Google has updated their earbuds and fixed all the buds that have improved its software features. After the upgrade of the software of the buds, it is one of the best wireless earbuds that you can buy right now.

Pixel Buds Gets 4.5 Out of 5

Purchasing a wireless earbud in $180 is one of the expensive deals, especially when you will get the similar featured earphones in less amount. Having these earbuds feels comfortable even when you use it every day. The simplicity and the design of these earbuds may mesmerize your eyes and feel great with your eyes, hands and ears. The great touch control, auto-adjusting volume and top-notch microphone along with the spoken notifications that can use it every single day. These are one of the costly headphones but have the features that are worth it.

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