Why Does Microsoft Office Dominate The Personal Computer World?

Microsoft Office is the leading software suite in this world. From the beginning, this software suite was designed for practical use. For this reason, it is popular in every sector. In an estimate, you will find Microsoft Office software suite in 90% of computers.


The first version of Microsoft Office was launched in the year 1988 for general use. Since then, Microsoft has updated this software suite and launched different versions. Let’s find out the five most used applications of this software suite that made it very popular among everyone.


  1. Microsoft Word


As a word processing program, it is an important part of the Office software suite. This program is mostly used for document processing, letter writing, and other official tasks. Office 2010 plus gives students and office workers a versatile platform for different tasks.


  1. Microsoft Excel


In the business world, it is known as the best spreadsheet program. Most of the time, this application is used for bookkeeping purposes. It is a very versatile tool that most accountants love to use. For this reason, you will see the use of this program in most offices.


  1. Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Outlook is the best email platform for business purposes. Most businesses use this email platform for privacy and authenticity reasons. The Office 2010 home student outlook is one of the most inexpensive versions that you can use currently.


  1. Microsoft PowerPoint


When it comes to office presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint is indubitably the best program. You can include custom pie charts, pictures, or text to this program to make beautiful presentations. For this reason, it is used in most office meetings. The flexible and easy-to-use interface of this program makes it the best for an office presentation.


  1. Microsoft Access


This program is best for database management. With the help of this program, you can create or manage a database on any server. It can be a very useful tool for you if you operate any website. You can use Microsoft Access on the professional plus 2016 version for this purpose.


  • Why Microsoft Office is best for most office computers?


The best feature of Microsoft Office is that it is good for most office works. In this software suite, you get multiple programs that are useful for high-level office work. For this reason, its office home & business 2019 is so popular among the business community.


From office presentation to bookkeeping, you can use different programs of this software suite very easily. With just a few hours of training, you can easily become an expert with this software suite. If you want to run an office successfully, you have to have this software suite.


Although pirated versions of the Microsoft Office software suite are available on the internet, it is recommended to buy the original one. In the Original version of Microsoft Office, you will get updates and patches. As a result, you can use this software suite more reliably. For this reason, corporate offices use the original Microsoft Office for daily tasks. Currently, it is the best & most popular software suite in the world.

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