Why Does My Car Battery Keep Dying? Common Causes of Car Battery Failure


Have you ever found yourself stranded on the side of the road with a dead car battery? Maybe your car just wouldn’t start, or maybe it took you several tries to get the engine to turn over. Frustrating situations like these are never fun, but they happen all the time. The price of car battery can be expensive. So, it make sense to understand the causes of battery failure so that you can prevent from happening again and make informed decisions.

Poor Charging System

The heart of your vehicle’s charging system is your battery, and when it begins to die you’ll notice that your car just doesn’t perform like it used to. Your engine may not turn over on key, or if it does start up initially, you may lose power while driving down the road. The best way to keep your battery in good health is to be sure that you check its fluid levels regularly (usually every few months), and always use a name-brand charging system charger.

Water in the Wiring

If you find that your car battery keeps dying, it may be because water is leaking into your car and shorting out electrical components. Water typically gets into your car through holes in seals on windows and doors. With a little sleuthing, you can usually find where these leaks are coming from and fix them yourself before causing more damage to your vehicle. The first step is to figure out what’s causing all that water to build up in unexpected places in your vehicle.

The Alternator

Your car’s alternator is an integral part of keeping your vehicle’s battery charged. Over time, it will wear out and require replacement. A good indication that your alternator needs to be replaced is if you notice your car’s battery dying more quickly than usual, or if you see a warning light illuminating on your dashboard. While it’s easy to think something must be wrong with your car battery itself when these issues arise, often times, it’s actually not!

Short and Long Term Power Loss

One of the most common causes for car battery failure is a power loss from either long or short term use. If you’re leaving your lights on, or you’ve just driven around town for hours without turning off your engine, it’s a good bet that you are suffering from a power loss situation. This can be remedied by jump-starting and recharging your battery with a car battery charger.

The Battery Itself

Probably one of the most common causes for a dead car battery is just having an old, worn-out battery. In many cases, you can tell if your battery has gone bad by simply looking at it. Is it covered in corrosion? If so, that’s likely why your car won’t start—the acid on your terminals could be preventing a full connection. Are any cracks present?

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