Why Driving Without An MOT Can Cost You £2500!

Strict safety measures are in place for all vehicles to be tested for road worthiness by law through an MOT test. Brand new purchased cars are required to have a MOT test after three years of purchase. All other cars are required to have a MOT test every year. The ministry of Transport requires cars to be checked over various elements to ensure the driver, passengers and the public are never at risk by a vehicle. MOT Coventry test certificates must be carried by drivers as the police officers are instructed to check the certificates of drivers from time to time. Driving your vehicle without a valid MOT is illegal and is a £2500 fine.

MOT DRS specialise in MOT testing and tests can only be carried out by qualified testers. During the MOT test your car will be carefully examined and go through a number of safety checks inside and outside of the vehicle. The MOT test itself takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour and at the end you will be presented with the results in the form of a certificate if your vehicle has passed the test. You will also be notified if specific parts of the vehicle are dysfunctional and the MOT pass certificates are provided only if these issues are resolved appropriately.

Getting an MOT certificate allows the vehicle to be used again on the roads as these certificates reflect the condition and roadworthiness of a vehicle. For having the authentic MOT for your vehicle you need competent support system by your side. Many people have no idea about where to get their vehicles MOT tested but there are various MOT garages Coventry that perform such tests. For MOTs, diagnostics and repair services you can call MOT DRS in Coventry.

MOT DRS are well known to provide customers with a genuine service and sound advice following your cars MOT. You will be offered a reminder message for the following year to ensure you do not miss your MOT test. Not only do MOT DRS focus on MOT tests, they provide effective diagnostic and repair services for vehicles and have a rich experience of over 50 years in MOT. diagnostics and repair services.

About MOT DRS in Coventry:

MOT DRS in Coventry is a well established automobile repair garage that offers quite affordable and effective car service Coventry. They are experienced in efficiently repairing all the problems that can affect a car’s on-road performance.

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