Why Drone Videography is Ideal for Construction Businesses

Running a business means looking for ways to improve your processes. With aerial photography and videography making it easier for you to survey and monitor site operations, it’s wise to start using drone photos and videos as a tool. Here’s why they’re ideal for your construction company.

Vital for Project Planning

One of the tasks of site managers is assessing site or operational progress. Using drones to capture aerial shots of the area makes that possible in a safer and more convenient way. In the past, photographers had to take pictures from great heights or ride a small plane or helicopter. Now, getting those images are as easy as hiring a studio that offers drone photography in Austin. With those photographs, site managers can assess the ongoing progress and use those visuals in their reports.

Better Accuracy and Reporting

Using drone shots in your reports shows stockbrokers or investors an accurate take on the ongoing project. When they see those quick updates, they can make decisions that impact the construction or business. They can also send instructions or request changes in the plan. If you add the shots to your daily reports, that allows your superiors to react to the data accordingly, leading to timely revisions.

Essential for Site Inspections

Aerial shots and videos make it easier for your team to check on the site from whatever angle or height. That would have been dangerous in the past, requiring photographers to climb on scaffoldings or access platforms to capture images of the work environment. Drones have removed the hassle from that kind of work, so photographers no longer need to risk their health and lives for snapshots. They can monitor the project, providing the team with photographs for the daily reports.

Perform Building Surveys

Your site manager can also request building surveys. Drones can carry out surveys, check the roofs visually, and help assess the condition of the building. Roofs are one of the most challenging places to check, and site managers often find it tricky. Drone photos eliminate much of the challenge in capturing the condition of these areas. That way, the team can determine the next step to take. Should the roof be repaired or replaced? Photos from a drone can shed light on whether it’s financially sensible to spend more on repairs or if you should go ahead with the roof replacement.

Creates Impact

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s true for your reports. Photos reveal plenty of information about the site and the project, which makes them invaluable additions to your progress reports. With a drone, you now have a way to record the project visually. You can keep those records for your reports and insurance. The photos create more impact and serve to drive home the point of the reports, so your superiors can be satisfied with the level of reporting and the ongoing progress. Lastly, the photos can be used for marketing purposes, too. They can go on your site to show prospective clients what you do.


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