Why Everyone is Talking about the Gesipa Rivet Gun

German manufacturer Gesipa® have long had a great reputation in the rivet gun and fastening sphere. Boasting a handful of luxury brand clients such as BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar & Land Rover which use the Gesipa Cordless rivet guns for their production, it continues to impress.

Founded in 1955, Gesipa’s long-standing success really comes down to two things – quality and innovation. It was the company that first gave us the cordless rivet guns / nutsert guns some years ago, including the classic Accubird® and Powerbird® series Gesipa rivet guns as well as the Firebird® series rivet nut guns. They have been in the market since the early 1990s.

As cordless rivet guns continue to gain popularity, Gesipa continues to improve performance and design features to stay ahead of the competition. The latest upgraded versions are no exception – Gesipa rivet guns are powered up with CAS (Cordless Alliance System) , and are available as Accubird Pro (with brushless DC motor technology) CAS; Powerbird Pro Gold CAS and Firebird Pro / Pro Gold / Pro Gold Stroke CAS series.

The CAS platform allows up to 180 electrical devices from different manufacturers share the same battery. This reduces the battery management costs and provides flexibility to production lines and tradesmen. The technology of the CAS Li-Power & LiHD batteries empower the Gesipa rivet gun / nutsert gun to install more rivets or nutserts in one charge.

Benefits of the new Gesipa CAS battery

• New 18 volt 2.0 Ah Li-Power or 18 volt 4.0 Ah LiHD, providing extra power to Gesipa rivet guns

• Ultra-M technology for exceptional long service life

• Patented “Air Cooled” charging technology means shorter charging time

• Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP) provides increased service life

• Long storage capacity with no self-discharge

• Compatible with all 18 volt tools and chargers of the CAS partners including Metabo®

In Australia, RivetLab is an Authorised dealer and Service Centre for Gesipa. We stock Gesipa products as well as spare parts. If you’d like to look at the latest range or ask for the Gesipa rivet gun price, come in and see us, or give the team a call on 02 9882 1112.

About RivetLab®

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