Why Explore Bolivia by traveling by bus or train

Travelling by bus, train or other ground transport means is a better idea in order to enjoy the route and the surroundings of the destination. Buses and trains are usually cheaper than other means of transportation.

Not only that travelling via train and bus ensures you can enjoy the journey along with your travel companion making plans about your trip and exploring new travel destinations. Road travel in Bolivia is very good and the roads reach even the farthest destinations, which makes it one of the supreme places for a road trip. For instance, puno to cusco bus is amongst the most beautiful road trip experience you will ever have.

Here in Bolivia, frequent buses and trains interconnect the main tourist attractions and the major cities. There are dozens of companies ready to help you with tickets and other travel arrangements. Unlike other developing countries, transportation costs are quite low due to government subsidy of gas and fuel.

Bus transportation companies offer you excellent services including the basic amenities of comfortable seats, air conditioner, and proper refreshments. Bolivia offers great connectivity within and outside the country. Some of the most popular tourism routes in and outside Bolivia include:

  • Villazon to Tupiza: (11 hours)
  • Puno to Cusco bus: (7 hours)
  • Uyuni to Potosi: (5 hours)
  • Potosi to Sucre: (3 hours)
  • Sucre to La Paz: (12 hours)
  • lima cusco bus: (5 hours)

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