Why Forklifts Must be Fitted with Warning Lights?

Forklift trucks are purchased because they are strong and heavy enough to lift heavy goods onto forked platforms for transportation. The entire process of loading and unloading needs to be done in a safe manner, and the truck must move safely from one part of the warehouse or dockyard to another. This is made possible with the installation and use of suitable forklift safety lights.

Even though they move at low speeds, forklifts still pose safety threats if not seen in time. This is the reason why every logistics company needs to get forklift safety lightAll warehouses have some spaces that are well lit and some with very dim lights. Irrespective of the light conditions, forklift operators have to maneuver their vehicles expertly and ensure they do not hit obstacles.  

Warnings for Pedestrians

Logistic companies must buy forklift blue light online to be able to inform pedestrians about the presence of forklifts. The swingarm of this vehicle is very heavy and can cause severe injury to a person if not seen in time. Blue and red safety lights are also able to encircle forklifts to show pedestrians the areas they must stay away from.

Amongst the warning lights, halogens are less expensive in comparison to LEDs, just like passenger cars. Since the LEDs are brighter, these are likely to be noticed more easily.

Parts of a Forklift Truck

A warning light is a very important part of a forklift, but there are other important parts too. Safety is heavily dependent on a forklift operator too, who must be knowledgeable about vehicle parts and wear and tear. Much of the information is updated via training classes.

Here are the names of some of the major forklift parts:

  • Cab
  • Carriage
  • Red or Blue Lights
  • Mast
  • Overhead Guard
  • Forks
  • Power Supply
  • Load Backrest
  • Hydraulic Lift Cylinder
  • Tires
  • Tilt Cylinder
  • Counterweight

Using Headphones

Several workers are known to concentrate on their jobs using earphones or headphones in the warehouse. This is a natural course of action while taking into account the nature of work. Unfortunately, doing so does make them susceptible to forklifts in their paths, especially if they’re not careful. The presence of blue or red forklift parts would be hugely beneficial for them. Forklift operators can see forward, backward, and around bends with lights that are mounted either on overhead forklift arms or masts.

Accidents are never intentional, but they can happen in such situations. Therefore, it is important to invest in lights, both for the forklift and for the warehouse.

Avoid Holes 

Prior approval from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is necessary for the following forklift modifications:

  • Improvement in Visibility
  • Drilling or Cutting the Hood
  • Swapping Counterweights
  • Changing Attachments such as forks, masts, and tires

To do the above, many are seen trying to drill holes into forklift arms or walls. This should be avoided at all costs as it decreases the vehicle’s structural strength. Persistence with the same could lead to serious accidents.


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