Why Gamification Of Brand Communication Is Fundamentally A Great Idea

Gaming is a common term, everyone with internet access knows about video or computer gaming. Gaming is growing on many fronts when it comes to business communication, gaming is leading the way. Through gaming,you can do more and get more out of customer experience.

There are many successful marketing campaigns where major brands used interactive games for marketing and branding. Ford used gaming for lead generation, and Cadbury, the major chocolate brand also used gaming to generate lead. Heineken,the leading beverage brand used gaming for branding so did Tesco bank. Here is why gaming in marketing and branding has worked for brands:

  • Gaming is quite fundamental to humans: 

When you hear the term gaming, it drifts you to childhood, you would associate it with games like hide&seek,or any other games that you played as a child. Everyone has played some or other game when they were children, they might have different games according to the cultural background butthe central fact is all have played games at some or other time.

Games have this tendency to make people immersed in entertaining activities which the mind is seeking always. The human mind is such a pleasure seeking device and there is nothing better than feeding the mind with what it wants as a brand.Bigger brands have understood it and it is time for smaller and midsized companies to also integrate games, here is how to go about it.

  • How to create immersive games for customers? 

If you are in an exhibition, then you might expect people with a certain understanding of your brand,you can create games according to that. When it comes to retail stores, you need to be a little more flexible in terms of how you want the customers to interact. You might have people who are completely new to your brand idea,you must design games keeping that in mind.

You should work with smart gaming companies as they can help you in formulating games for branding campaigns.The best gaming companies would ensure that they get you good game ideas along with game hardware and other requirements, here is how they can help you.

  • How the best gaming companies can make things easier for you: 
  • Prototyping and testing: The most experienced gaming company would first get the prototypes out,and once they have the prototype, they would then test it.The testing process is important because this is to know all the features are added and they are working as they should be for an uninterrupted immersive experience.
  • Good support: A support system is just as important as there are times when gamers might face technical problems, the best gaming companies would get you relentless support so that there is no interruption.
  • Game on: 

To operate in a world where people are seeking new experiences, communicating through gaming is a great branding idea. All you need to do is to find the best game development Dubai and create a great game. You are going to improve the communication level and customer engagement through better gaming.


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