Why Greaseproof Papers are the Way to Go for Your Food Business?


If you’re looking to set up your own restaurant, food truck, or any other type of food business, you’ll quickly learn that a critical piece of the puzzle is how to choose the right printed greaseproof paper suppliers, as this paper will help protect your product against any grease-related mishaps. But what exactly makes printed greaseproof paper special, and why should you consider using it?

Paper versus Plastic

Many people mistakenly believe that plastic packaging is a more environmentally friendly choice than paper. Paper is biodegrades and has less negative impact on the environment than plastic which can take up to 1000 years. In addition, printing greaseproof paper with unique designs makes it easier for you to identify your products while still showing off your creative edge.

Greaseproof Paper Can Help Reduce the Amount of Non-recyclable Plastic You Use

Greaseproof paper can help reduce the amount of non-recyclable plastic you use, since it doesn’t need any extra wrappings around it. In addition, it can help provide flavorless and hygienic packaging options. Greaseproof papers are perfect for those in catering because they provide easy storage without risk of spilling or even breakage.

Greaseproof Paper Is Disposable – And Recyclable!

Greaseproof paper is a super-disposable material that’s also fully recyclable. You can use it in any kind of kitchen, and throw it away when you’re done cooking. Not only will this reduce the amount of waste you create, but you’ll be able to save money by not having to purchase disposable kitchenware each time you cook!

Greaseproof Paper Is Healthier For Humans to Handle

Grease-proof and oil-proof paper is essential for any establishment that uses deep frying in their menu. Grease from the deep fryer will seep through regular paper and make it unusable, which can be a huge issue if you are a restaurant or a fast food joint. With grease-proof and oil-proof paper, cooking as usual will not affect your product’s quality, no matter how much grease or oil you use.

Greaseproof Paper Keeps Cooked Food Warm For Longer

Greaseproof paper should be used when cooking on parchment paper, as it helps to preserve that natural non-stick surface. Grease resistant paper will also keep cooked foods warm longer, eliminating the need for additional heat sources while food is transported. Finally, because grease doesn’t stick to greaseproof and grease resistant surfaces, cleanup is much easier.

Greaseproof Paper Keeps Food Smelling Fresh for Longer

Different foods release different aromas which can cause other items in your kitchen or cooking area to lose their flavors. Using printable greaseproof paper will not only help keep all of these scents at bay, but it also helps block grease from making a mess of things. Greaseproof, good-smelling kitchens should be a part of any successful restaurant, and that’s just what you’ll have when you use printed greaseproof paper.

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