Why hire a condo management companies?

When the condominium owners are faced with the decision of whether to hire an external condo management companies or to choose one of the owners or residents to fulfill such function, the following should be taken into consideration:

The professional administrator is trained and experienced enough to solve the day-to-day needs of the condominium.

You must know different areas, among which are:


You should know the laws involved in the matter such as the Law of condo property and its regulations. Additionally, you must know the procedures for the application of complaints, demands, and sanctions before the different instances and the analysis of contracts in the understanding that whoever signs as legal representative is the administrator.


You must have sufficient accounting skills to carry out a good financial strategy, as well as the disposition of the economic resources of the condominium. At the same time, you must know the tax implications for the contribution of fees or opening bank accounts.


You must have the specific technical knowledge to contract the services that keep the infrastructure of the condominium in operation.


You must know so that, in case of having personnel working in the condominium, the requirements for the worker and the different instances.

In addition to the aforementioned knowledge, the administrator has many responsibilities to face. Between these:

– He is the legal representative of the condominium and must respond on behalf of the condominium owners to any complaint, demand, or complaint that is presented.
– You must sign the contracts and agreements, as well as the bank account where the resources are deposited, with their consequent implications.
– You must collect the fees and maintain communication with the owners so that they comply with it.
– He must admonish the owners who do not comply with the Law of the Internal Regulations and act as a mediator in the event of conflicts between owners.
– It will attend to the adequate and efficient operation of the facilities and the resources it uses.

Therefore, when hiring a professional company property management, subjectivities are avoided, which allows the resolution of conflicts with an impartial intermediary to reconcile the interests of all the owners. And not only those that suit them best, as if the administrator of the parts.

In summary, by hiring a professional company to rent my house for me, the owners of the same gain quality of life, since they will not have to use their own time for this work or face personal friction with their neighbors.

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