Why Hire Denver Tax Attorney To Represent You During IRS Audit

If you get a notice from IRS for an audit, it’s obvious to feel stress and panic. It’s a major problem specifically for small-business owners. You must be having so many other things to handle. And, on top of all, being examined by IRS is another big headache. This is when you need a professional Denver tax attorney to represent you in an IRS audit. Your attorney will represent your case, defend your financial transactions, and more.

Wondering how would a tax attorney help you? Well, he/she ensures that the auditor only gets the needed information. They may even put someone on your end liable for minimal penalties. And, finally, they keep the IRS auditor in check. It’s because a professional attorney knows when an auditor is wrong or right.

Nonetheless, you must also know that IRS allows only three types of attorneys to represent your case in an audit. Those attorneys include Enrolled Agents (EA), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), and tax attorney Denver. So, when you hire a professional tax attorney, you don’t have to communicate directly with the IRS. Only your attorney will speak with the auditor. And, it’s a huge relief in itself for business owners, who don’t know how to handle IRS audit.

Ways Denver Tax Attorney Can Help You

When you hire a professional Denver business attorney, they are well-versed in the ways to represent your case in the court against the IRS. They can handle your standard accounting tasks, such as bookkeeping. They even specialize in ways to handle the intersection of accounting and the law – not standard accounting.

In addition, if you have a lot of money to pay the taxes or any other financial issue, or want to settle the case with the IRS, your tax attorney can guide you better. After all, they are trained to handle different problems and complicated situations that one may face during an IRS audit. Therefore, you need to seek the help of a Denver tax attorney to help you remove levies, work out deals, or halt garnishments.

Deciding to hire a tax attorney for your case is the one thing. The next step is to decide who will represent your case. While you choose an EA or a CPA, there are various benefits of going with a Denver tax attorney. Some of these advantages include:

  1. Ability to litigate: EAs and CPAs cannot handle the case as professional tax attorneys. So, don’t take any chance to represent your case in court. It’s best only to hire a professional who is well-versed in their job.
  1. Confidentiality: The professional Denver business lawyer ensures to keep your shared information confidential due to attorney-client privilege. Although there is also a CPA-client privilege, it remains limited to Federal/State tax matters. And, a CPA may be subpoenaed for testifying against you in an IRS-related case. However, a tax attorney doesn’t have any such limitations. And, won’t ever divulge your private information that you discussed with him/her.
  1. Knowledge and experience: An excellent tax attorney has in-depth knowledge of tax codes and regulations. They even understand ways to deal with legal and bureaucratic complexities that may arise in your case. Moreover, a professional tax attorney Denver is often experienced to deal with IRS. So, he/she knows how to employ strategies in the right way to defend your case.
  1. Right Approach: A professional Denver tax attorney is well-trained in the adversarial system. It means that they advocate your interests and are also willing to help you put your case in the best light possible. For instance, if you don’t have receipts to prove mileage or don’t have any solid records, an attorney will go through your emails, calendar, and other data to collect evidence. This is how they work in-depth to prove your mileage.


All the given reasons indicate why you should hire a professional tax attorney to represent your case to IRS. If you’re looking for a tax attorney, contact JM Tax Law to help you in the best way possible. Get in touch to discuss your case.

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