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49 people running guards – Coleman still can’t determine if you can play a super bowl

In the National Union Championship game against the Green Bay Package, the biggest loss of 49 people in San Francisco is a tevin coleman’s shoulder dislocation. Now, he can play a super bowl is still an unknown.

In Lyon-Jacobs, the Jaguzi is needed to supplement the depth depth after the knee crossed ligament torn reimbursement. Instead, Jacobs, the first is Cassius Marsh, and he has only completed 3 times in the past two games.

For Tiger, it is not necessary to lack at Atkins. In the 2011 season, he had a passenger’s experience and did not occur unexpectedly. At that time, he was the first time in his career. Team coach Marvin Marvin Lewis said that he discussed the game this week and Atkins.

Thomas’s recovery speed is expected to be fast than the team and fans. He is very excited about this, and at the same time, he also took a joke. Local time on Thursday, Thomas published a state on his own network social media: “Yesterday, I said my shoulder has returned to 10 points & hellip; & hellip; I got up the next morning, I need to go to the hospital to accept blood test, test The goal is of course related to growth hormone. “

When Coleman was interviewed on Monday, he said that he spent “all time” in the treatment, hoping to recover your mobile capabilities. Up to now, he confirmed that the team did not make a decision on whether you can play the game.

The 23-year-old Evans ensures that we have power in the future to continue their efforts. He changed his own tweet account to 7 people selected this year’s selection, then he sent a twice say: “I will never forget this.”

If the tiger wins them to ensure the first round of the United States and the United States, the first round of round-oriented. In the case of the second start of four-point AJ-McCarren (AJ McCarron), the Tiger Defense Group needs to take the task of lowering the opponent score. Make sure Atkins keep vitality and is the key to completing this task in the critical time.

Titan will travel to Kariya to the Americas

US time is reported on Wednesday in the afternoon, according to ESPN reporters, Titan will put outside Kamalei Correa and a 2021-seven-rounded trading to the US tiger, in exchange for the 2021 six-round sign.

Falling four points Wei Wens: never forget the fall of the election

There are many draft experts to predict that the Virginian University of Technology 4-point Wei Rold Evans (Jerod Evans) should be selected by a team in the draft. But after all the dust settled, his name did not appear in 256 selected players.

Three games came down, Kuria was only participated in 38 defensive (14%), and he was very dissatisfied with this. During the Tuesday, Not activated, Kuria asked Titan to trade. He was added to the new crown reserve list at 9.30 until Tuesday was removed.

Thomas once in the game competition, because of his personal confidence in injuries, the specific situation can be seen in the game. The opponent’s new England patriots are good at quick short pass, which will be a huge challenge for Thomas. I hope that as he does, the injury will not affect his performance.

Tiger means that they will be extraordinary in this game. “Basically, no matter how it turns, it will not cause too much impact on this position,” Lewis said. “He will pay attention to himself, we will pay attention to him.”

Thomas injuries have been prepared for super bowls.

For Seattle Hawks, the first week before the super bowl is a smooth water. The team did not have a new injury, and several wounds that were carefully accused of the fans have gradually returned to the optimal state. Richard Sherman, who was injured in the shoulders in the national contest, participated in all the training of local time on Wednesday. They have been prepared for the final decisive battle.

The 27-year-old Atkins has the characteristics of sickle red blood cell disease. This genetic disease will affect the red blood cells. This situation will deteriorate in the high altitude environment of Denver, sometimes leading to dehydration or difficulty breathing. 2011 season Pittsburgh steel man safe Wei Lan Clark because the same situation is absent from the playoffs against the Malaysia.

Although it is not suitable for high altitude competition Atkins still play

Cincinnati Tiger Professional Bowl Defensive Diagonal Kino – Geno Atkins has been in the defensive front lines. After the number of murders in this season reached 10 times, Atkins became the first season of the Tiger Team, there were more than one season, the number of people reached two digits (12.5 times in the 2012 season).

“I ask Gin, do you remember?” Lewis said. “He said, & lsquo; Yes, everyone let me play 15 defensive defensive. & Rsquo; That is the first time in his career. This is our close attention. We will pay attention to his body in just click the following webpage next game. situation.”

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