Why I Love Teaching Prenatal Yoga

For me, teaching a “Mama Circle” has been my anchor to my own authentic path. I go there to re-connect to my Divine feminine side; to let go of the constant pressure to achieve and move forward, and instead, to remember that we are all part of this universe unfolding and evolving itself.

When we connect with women in the process of co-creating, we receive gifts of guidance from our deepest wisdom. Just being around the moms-to-be in my online prenatal yoga class inspires me to be more nurturing, and to remember I’m not in charge. Our yoga is about aligning with something bigger in ourselves, and it’s so easy to forget this.

It’s also a place where I believe we as yoga teachers can make a huge impact. So many pregnant women show up at prenatal yoga for the first time because they’ve heard it’s good for them… because they have aches and pains… or because they feel anxious and stressed.

Many are slowing down, turning inward, and listening in a whole new way.

There’s a whole new motivation for treating ourselves better when we’re pregnant. Taking care of US means taking care of our growing baby. And once baby’s out, they’ll learn how to move, breathe, and even think by being around us.

Pregnancy is a great time to replace old habits with new nurturing ones.

If we yoga teachers understand principles of prenatal yoga, we won’t be continuing the fear cycle so deep in our culture.

Instead, we can encourage and support women’s awakening to their inner wisdom and deep power during pregnancy, by teaching them physical and mental practices that help them step into their greatest possibilities.

What I’ve learned teaching mamas is this potential – embodying our highest, most powerful and wise Self is always there – whether we’re pregnant or not.

The same principles apply. When we slow down, listen inward, and honor what we hear, we open the door to all of our inner resources.

When we learn to turn nurturing energy inward, we support the birth of whatever’s gestating within us, whether that’s a baby, a vision, or a new form our spirit is wanting to take.

Prenatal yoga is about helping us all move toward a more conscious, feminine wisdom-based life. It’s about leaning practices that help us:

… access the immense wisdom and love within;

…. align with nature’s cycles and nourish our bodies;

… co-create a whole new identity in the world by aligning with her feminine power.

I hope you’ll join me in learning how to guide, support and inspire pregnant mamas!

I’ve been training women in prenatal yoga since 2006, and in 2012 I created a prenatal yoga certification program that’s teaches on and off the mat practices specifically designed for women’s changing bodies.

When you take the fully online 85-hour Ma Yoga Prenatal Yoga Certification Program, you’ll learn sequences and adjustments for pregnant students, mudras and meditations for labor, principles and practices for healing, and off-the-mat daily rhythms and natural remedies in the Ayurveda training.

You’ll realize that each of us is always pregnant with something, and by learning how to make space for it in body, mind, and heart, we can offer our gifts fully to the world.

Whether you feel drawn to teach prenatal yoga online or on-site, you want to become more confident adjusting poses for your pregnant students, or you’d like to use birth as your guru so you can become a powerful co-creator – I hope you’ll join me for the next online pregnancy yoga teacher training!

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