Why is Cumaru Wood Considered the Most Popular Hardwood?

Can’t decide on the best material for your new deck? It’s hard to go wrong with Cumaru decking. Cumaru is known as one of the most popular hardwood in the United States. But why is this the case? Here are the basics to know when researching and using Cumaru.

Cumaru decking— exceeding your expectations

On average, wooden decks have a life of about 10 to 15 years. But they only last this long if you regularly keep up with its maintenance schedule. That’s because wood is incredibly susceptible to external conditions such as weather and moisture. Without proper maintenance, your hardwood deck could suffer from warping, rotting, and mold growth.

Of course, no type of wood is immune from these issues—not even Cumaru. But unlike most lumbers, the Brazilian teak is more durable. According to The Wood Database, Cumaru has a Janka Hardness of 3,330 lbf, making it significantly harder than Red Oak.

In addition, Cumaru wood has the following properties:

Rot resistance

Due to its excellent durability, Cumaru is highly resistant to rot, weathering, and decay. It is less prone to cracking and splitting even after exposure to inclement weather.

Furthermore, it is highly resistant to insects and fungi due to the wood’s natural growing environment. As a result, Cumaru Brazilian teak is ideal for exterior decking!


Illegal logging is often an issue when you’re sourcing wooden material. But, thankfully Cumaru decking is surprisingly sustainable.  They are replanted and the trees have great carbon sequestration potential or the capacity to store carbon for along haul.

In addition, Brazilian teak has an excellent carbon offset value, making Cumaru end-products more environmentally friendly.

And that’s not all. Although Brazilian teak is best known for its hardness and durability, it is also quite beautiful. It features a medium to dark brown appearance with reddish hues that blend well with the environment.

Moreover, the hardwood has interlocking grains with a waxy feel, perfect for decking, cabinetry, furniture, and various other applications.

Are you looking for Cumaru decking and other building supplies for your next project? Make sure to order them from a reliable retailer. Top suppliers of Brazilian Hardwood in the United States offer premium quality at the most reasonable prices, ensuring customer satisfaction.

About the Author:

Bruce Master is general manager at Advanced Building Supplies.  Advanced Building Supplies  aka ABSWood specializes in a full line of Brazilian Hardwood products including Ipe, Garapa, Cumaru and Tigerwood. Exotic woods is a natural outgrowth for Bruce as he comes from a long line of woodworkers. His Grandfather and Father were both respected wood craftsman and cabinet makers.  In addition to managing ABS, Bruce designs, plans, and installs his own decks.     Before selling Brazilian Hardwoods, Bruce worked as a generalist at a huge Ace Hardware in Miami Florida that catered to an almost exclusive clientele of contractors working on Miami Beach.


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