Why is Everyone Investing in South Mumbai?

Infrastructural developments, state-of-the-art properties, the promise of incredible returns, and government schemes to provide home loans are some of the obvious reasons why people are investing in South Mumbai.

Let’s discuss:

Why South Mumbai?

Mumbai is a bustling city that is easily classified as one of the most important metropolises in India. It’s also referred to as the financial capital of the country, which means there are millions of people wanting to move here.

We all know that the central localities of the city are very expensive and only billionaires are capable of buying properties there. However, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the city is the same way. Moreover, the incoming migrants that amount to millions won’t all be looking for mansions and villas worth billions. Most would prefer the 2 bhk flats for sale in South Mumbai due to the amenities and facilities as well as the accessibility the area provides.

Buying Incentives

One of the reasons that the Modi government has been loved by investors and buyers is due to the friendly schemes it has launched. Favoring first-time buyers the most, the schemes have made it possible to get a home loan for a tenure of 20 years. In addition to this, the lower interest rates make it impossible for buyers to resist the urge to make an addition to their personal inventories.

The government has encouraged NRIs and OCIs to invest in real estate as well as other industries as well. Seeing as how the metropolitan city has progressed through private equities, it’s obvious that the state wants more foreign action. This is one of the reasons why NRIs have been showing a keen interest in buying a 3 bhk flat for sale in Byculla.

Infrastructural Developments

As of now, the state is working on metro stations and a trans harbour link to connect all the corners of the MMR. Connecting districts of Thane all the way to the BKC at the southern end, this will be achieved when only one of the 3 metro line projects have been completed. The remaining two metro lines hope to achieve similar aims, thereby reducing traffic and pollution that has plagued the metropolis for a long.

The trans harbour link that connects Sewri with Chirle will be able to support 100,000 vehicles in the initial years of its completion. In the years that will follow, the government aims to increase this capacity and take it up a notch. By the year 2040, the trans harbour link will be able to support almost 200,000 vehicles simultaneously. This highway will not only make it easier to travel across Mumbai, but it will also take care of the landfills and slums in the area.

Sewri, Dahisar, Thane, BKC, Chirle, and many other locations that are going to become stations or main hubs for these transit projects will witness significant growth. Although BKC is already a very demanded area, it will nonetheless, witness appreciation in years to come. The same will be the case for the rest of the places. While they might appear to be slums and underdeveloped areas right now, they will certainly prosper in the wake of the upcoming projects. 

Imagine buying a 2 bhk flat for sale in South Mumbai right now to have its value appreciated to almost double of what it used to be. Makes your heart race, doesn’t it? That’s why we recommend you get on the bandwagon instead of having regrets later.  

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