Why is Fine Art Reproduction a Skill-Based Art?

Fine art reproduction is one of the most recognized art forms in the world. Fine art reproduction does not mean only printing a copy of artwork on paper or canvas but also hand painting. Fine art Reproduction paintings is a process that starts and ends with final touches by the artist. The process of fine art reproduction requires the following steps:

1. The Drawing:Initially, the artist draws the shapes on the canvas

2. Blocking in Colors: After getting the drawing correct, the main areas are block in with colored paint.

3. Painting: Once the artist makes all the required changes in the color composition of the artwork he then adds extra detailing.

4. Mounting, Stretching, and Framing: These are the optional steps of fine art reproduction. Stretching is a process where the canvas gets stretched on stretcher bars. Framing means adding wooden or other edges to the artwork.

Fine art reproduction is not an easy task. For this, you need experience and an unparalleled artistic approach. If you need any piece of art to be reproduced, it is better to get it done by an expert. This lowers the risk of ruining the artwork. It also brings out an extraordinary fine art reproduction.

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Galerie Dada provides high quality oil painting fine art reproduction works. It provides artworks from artists like Renoir reproductions and others.

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