Why is Food Delivery Management Software in Demand?

  Food Delivery Software

Long gone are the days when dine-in and takeaways were the only two options restaurants, food joints, QSRs, and other food delivery businesses were offering. Digitalization has brought a revolutionary change and made everyone in the food industry to offer online services. To cope with this change, restaurant chains, quick service restaurants, and food joints started to offer online food delivery services. The trend of online ordering and home delivery service was growing at a steady pace until 2020, when the entire world got hit by coronavirus. COVID-19 and following restrictions and lockdowns imposed to curb the spread of the virus have made restaurants run only with home delivery service.

And that’s when the whole food industry witnessed a huge surge in online orders. To meet the growing demand without increasing the cost, restaurants are taking the help of tech-enabled platforms and integrating food delivery management software. As the name implies, food delivery software helps in managing end-to-end deliveries of food orders. Besides, contributing to timely deliveries, there are many other reasons for which food delivery logistics software is in demand. Here are some of them-

To reduce the number of missed and late deliveries

Any restaurant with limited customers can manage deliveries manually. But for a restaurant that is receiving hundreds of orders in a day, it is not feasible to look after each delivery manually. Here is when online food delivery software comes to the rescue. Such software not only assists complete delivery management but also minimizes the chances for late and missed deliveries. It offers complete operational visibility and transparency to allow both the consumers and restaurants to know the status of the order.


For efficient order management

Food delivery logistics software offer automated order management as their key feature. It means you don’t have to hire resources for looking into new orders and processing them for delivery. The software segregates orders based on various parameters and then ensures each order is processed and dispatched on time so that it reaches the destination within the given time.

For real-time order tracking

Food delivery software facilitates tracking every order in real time. It helps to fix delivery-related issues, right when they occur. Order tracking is for both the end-customers and restaurants. The feature also prevents fake delivery attempts.

To improve customer experience

Customer experience can be improved by providing them on-time deliveries, option to track their order, and communicate with the riders. With online food delivery software, you can achieve all these goals. Moreover, you can also look into the delivery feedback submitted by customers. The software also contributes to achieving 100% customer satisfaction and customer retention.

To optimize delivery routes

Planning and optimizing routes for delivery is important to ensure that each order is delivered on the given time. Moreover, it also ensures that the rider reaches back to the restaurant timely so that he/she can do the secondary trip.

To reduce the overall delivery cost

Efficiently managing your delivery operations also helps in minimizing the overall cost of delivery. Cost reduction is the result of automating route planning, order management, rider management, and other processes.
Food delivery software offers plenty of benefits that makes it a necessity for everyone involved in the food delivery business or food industry. If you, too, are looking for online food delivery management software for your restaurant or food joint, then rely on the one offered by Shipsy. Their software streamlines and automates food delivery processes to minimize dependency on human resources, reduces delivery cost, decreases delivery turnaround time, and improves customer experience. Since it is SaaS-based, you don’t have to wait for a long period for its deployment and integration. Get Shipsy’s food delivery software and upgrade your delivery management processes today!

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