Why is Google Analytics so crucial to the SEO module?

Why is Google Analytics so crucial to the SEO module?

Google Analytics offers information about website visitors’ demographics and online behaviors, as practically everyone who manages a website knows. Google Analytics is a tool that marketers use to analyze the results of their marketing efforts and how user experience affects things like conversion and user retention.

Does Google Analytics improve SEO?

Google Analytics is not a ranking factor instead it is an extremely useful tool for SEO people. With the help of the analytic tool, we will get to know whether the website is working well for searches, what is driving traffic and what isn’t, and where to put your effort and money may all be very helpful.

Because of its importance, many institutes have added Google Analytics as one of the modules to their Digital Marketing Courses in Coimbatore.

Here are some ways how to use Google Analytics to Boost SEO

  1. With the help of Google Analytics, you will get to know how much Search Engine Traffic has come.
  2. Will get to know which page got the least and highest traffic individually.
  3. Can compare whether you are getting more traffic from the organic or paid section.
  4. Get to know about when someone visits the website, which pages do they land on initially (landing pages)?
  5. Can check which pages on the website are the exit pages.
  6. Can track Keywords in Google Analytics.
  7. Can manage the PPC Spend.
  8. Get to know how much traffic the Mobile section contributes.
  9. Details about the top-performing content.
  10. Will get an estimate about from which city we have more audiences.
  11. Will get the details about how many individuals and which pages on the website are now being viewed.
  12. Details about what visitors type into the search bar on the website.
  13. Other SEO metrics like Bounce Rate, Time on the page, Site speed, Return on investment, Organic conversion rate etc. Get more SEO metrics by learning digital marketing courses in Coimbatore.
  14. Will get the multi-channel funnel report.
  15. Also, last but not the least, with the help of Google Analytics, we will get to know about Google’s penalties, if the website has any.


For every SEO expert, Google analytics is a necessary tool. Google Analytics may provide you with a lot of information about your website that you wouldn’t otherwise know, regardless of whether you run a blog, business website, or online store.

Don’t worry if you are new to analytics and digital marketing and find all the other alternatives difficult; once you grasp the basics, things will become much simpler.

To know more about the subject, Join Digital Marketing Courses in Coimbatore for a  better understanding.

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