Why Is It Important To Join Tajweed Course To Learn Quran?

Are you thinking of learning Quran Online? But, do you know that if you want to learn and understand the teachings of the holy book properly, it becomes necessary for you to join Tajweedcourse.

The Quran is the most sacred and important books for Muslims. So, one should know how to read, write, and recite the teachings of the Quran clearly and correctly. And, this can only be done by following all the rules of Tajweed.  So, it becomes very important to learn Quran with Tajweed to experience the actual message of the holy book.b2ap3_large_Blog_Video-Qalqalah

The Tajweed course basically teaches you the right way to pronounce the Arabic words that can help recite the Quran properly. In other words, it means proficiency in doing something. So, if you will not follow the rules of Tajweed properly, you may not be able to recite the Quran properly.

 Importance of Tajweed

 The rightful recitation of the Quran is very important, which is only possible by knowing the rules of Tajweed properly. Apart from proper recitation, Tajweed knowledge also helps avoid the most common types of mistakes that are important when it comes to the Quran recitation. There are basically two types of mistakes. Have a look at both of them.

  • The first and most common mistake is the mispronunciation of the words. It is common for people to use different vowel sounds incorrectly. And, according to the Quran scholars, it is a grave mistake. Thus, the proper knowledge of Tajweed can help avoid such mistakes.


  • Secondly, people do not follow the rules of recitation properly. There are proper rules for the recitation. For example, at some point, the person has to stop reciting while at the other moment the recitation may need to be extended. This is not a huge mistake as the previous one but knowing the proper rules of recitation is very important. However, if you are well aware of the Tajweed rules, this mistake can also be avoided.


How to learn Tajweed?


Initially, it was the Mosque where people used to go to learn about the rules and ways of Quran recitation. But, this is not the case anymore. Muslims are now residing in different parts of the world where it is difficult to find Mosque easily. Moreover, Quran learning is becoming popular among the non-muslims as well. So, how can you learn the teachings of the holy book easily?

Here are some of the options available.


  • Look For Qualified Teachers
    One of the easiest ways to learn and understand the rules of Tajweed is to look for a qualified tutor. You may need someone who can guide you, listen to you, and correct you for your mistakes in the spot. In this case, looking for an experienced teacher who is well aware of the Tajweed and Quran rules is a good option.


  • Practice With The Reciters
    You can improve your recitation by listening to Tajweed regularly and practicing with the reciters. This way you can get familiar with the pronunciation of the words quickly and easily. The more you listen, the better your recitation will be.


  • Look For Online Quran Academy

If you are living in a part of the world where it is difficult to find a tutor or a Mosque, then you can look for a Quran learning institute online. These institutes have expert and qualified teachers who can help you learn Quran easily at the comfort of your own home. Moreover, you can enroll yourself for online Tajweed classes according to your availability and time that suits you the best.


If you are planning to learn Arabic or Quran with Tajweed, visit Studio Arabiya Institute. It is a noted institute online that provides one-on-one courses for adults and kids.


Be it a fully comprehensive online Quran course or classic Arabic course that focuses on the basic skills of Arabic language Studio Arabiya institute is just the right place for you. We offer flexible schedules and online portals to help you track your progress reports and more.


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