Why is it important to take Travel Insurance?

Imagine the day has arrived when you are all set to go on a vacation which you have been planning for a long time. Everything was going according to your plan when you suddenly realize that you lost your baggage upon reaching your destination. Horrible isn’t it? Travel Insurance comes to your rescue in such a situation and gets you out of your misery.

Travel Insurance Policy in India

Here are 4 major cases in which a Travel Insurance can be a boon:

  • Loss of luggage, passport, and documents: Travel Insurance can help you in such cases. It can cover the cost of making a duplicate or new passport. It can compensate for the value of essential items lost in your luggage up to an approved amount. It also compensates for the cost incurred by you in case of delayed luggage.
  • Medical emergencies: In case of any injury or health issue a travel insurance policy covers you for the hospital charges and other expenses. A proper Medical Travel Insurance in itself is enough to cater for all your hospital and health-related issues.
  • Delay in flight or cancellation: In case of delay of the flight in which you have planned to travel or even if the flight gets canceled due to any airline problem you will be reimbursed up to a certain limit for the amount you have paid earlier.
  • Medical evacuation in case of emergency: In case any health emergency occurs to you during traveling in which you need to be shifted from a certain place to a hospital or from hospital to home, all expenses will be taken care of by the travel insurance.

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