Why is Italian cuisine so popular around the World?


According to an international survey, among some of the most popular dishes globally, Italian cuisine received an average popularity score of 80% across different countries. Italian food is so popular that no matter which country you visit, you can be sure to find one thing in common, an Italian restaurant. Italian food has a rich history and dates back thousands of years. Today, there are all sorts of modifications of the cuisine, and it has become a staple in many countries across the world. If you wonder why Italian cuisine is so popular, there are many good reasons, and you are about to discover a few of them here.


Italy is far from a uniform country. To start with, the differences between south and north itself can be remarkable. Even small towns have a distinct character, dialect, and, of course, local dishes. The main consequence of these many varieties is the number of dishes and local ingredients. There is a lot to choose from.

The most popular Italian dishes include pizza, risotto, ravioli, pasta, and so much more. There really is something for everyone! If you crave some delicious authentic Italian food, head over to the best Penrith Italian restaurant now.


Ask any Italian what their most favourite dish is, they will probably say their imagination, and they might be right. From football to art and cuisine, Italians always manage to find a different way to do things. This ability extends to the kitchen, where they strike the right balance between creativity and simplicity.

Foreign but familiar:

Something funny about Italian cuisine is that it is both foreign and familiar. This happens because many Italian dishes are the result of the adaptation of non-Italian ingredients. For instance, Italians learnt how to appreciate coffee from the Turks, an essential part of tiramisu, an Italian dessert. Tomato is originally a Mexican product, but Italian dishes would be unimaginable without them. Italians adapt and invent!


Italian dishes are simple and easy to cook. Most of the ingredients used in Italian cuisine are common, and it doesn’t take much effort to find them in the market. For instance, you can make Italian food using nothing more than olive oil, cheese, bread, and tomato sauce.


Italian cuisine is famous for using quality ingredients. This is another reason why Aussies always prefer visiting restaurants that serve Italian food in Penrith. Everything from wines to olive oil and cheese is made from the finest ingredients and prepared according to the highest standards.

Now that you know well about Italian cuisine, why not take a break and visit the best restaurant that serves Italian in Penrith!

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