Why is My Application for USDA home loans Louisiana Rejected?

Each potential homebuyer’s situation is unique. Borrowers must follow both the USDA and individual lender criteria. While the government backs these loans, it does not make them, which allows lenders to impose additional criteria. There are several reasons why a home loan application may be rejected. If you’re planning to apply for USDA Home Loans Louisiana or in California, then getting to know the different ways an application can be denied is a good idea. It helps you prepare for the possible hindrances you’ll encounter with your application.

Common problems can lead to a loan refusal, whether your loan file is proceeding through the USDA’s automated underwriting system or being underwritten manually. Knowing them in advance gives you ample time to improve your credit score and other requirements.

What causes USDA applications to be denied?

We’ve compiled a list to help you with your research and preparation on loan application rejection. Here are the possible reasons why applications get denied.

1. Income and debt issues – If you have debt issues such as an undisclosed debt, unverifiable income, and a household income that exceeds the state AMI can also be reasons for application denial. Speak with a USDA loan consultant to get a clear overview of your income and debt status and what is and is not feasible.

2. Credit score change – While the USDA does not have a minimum credit score put in place, loan lenders have. Lenders usually put a minimum credit score of 640. If you have any financial activity that negatively affects your credit to the point where it hits a lower score than the required minimum, that could cause a problem.

3. Change in employment – A stable job or a dependable source of income is a major requirement for getting an application approved. Lenders can count this as a reason for denial if you lost your job or have been laid off during the application process. In compliance with the USDA’s condition that the applicant’s household income does not exceed 115% of the state AMI, your application may be refused if you change jobs and get a greater wage that permits you to exceed that level.

4. A change in debt-to-income ratio – Adding new debt to your account while also paying for a home loan is not a good idea. Adding new lines of debt can mean that you would have a hard time repaying the loan you took from the lenders – another cause of application denial.

5. Property issues – You can only purchase homes within rural areas, as defined by the requirements of USDA loans. The home purchased through the USDA Home Loans California application should also be used as the applicant’s primary residence. Not adhering to those two can subject an application to be denied.

What would I do if my USDA Loan was denied?

If you had your USDA Home Loans, Louisiana denied, get in touch with your lender about it. Ask them for the details as to why it was denied.

To apply for a USDA loan, you may need to find a different property, improve your credit score, or pay off some debt. Or you might discover that another loan is a better fit for you. In any case, learn everything you can from your lender so you can begin working toward a successful house purchase.

So, don’t lose hope. Your USDA Home Loans California application can still get approved. However, if it was denied in the manual, talking to your loan officer about it is the best course of action that you can do.

To avoid having your USDA Home Loans Louisiana denied, chat with the people over at USDAHomeLoans. To know more about what to do when your USDA Home Loans California application was denied, visit them to help you with all your USDA home loan inquiries.

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