Why is my Orbi Blinking white? Fix it now!

To enjoy lag-free internet in any zone of your house, bring an Orbi router. Though, the Orbilogin device functions well most of the time. Sometimes, users face problems while setting and configuring. Orbi blinking white light is one of such recent problems hampering the internet experience of the users. Among all, Orbi blinking white LEDs or flashing white is a serious problem that needs to be resolved. Therefore, read the passage below to resolve such issues.

Reasons for Orbi flashing White continuously

One may face Orbi blinking white light error due to two reasons. One of which is an error in updating the firmware. The other is reset. In both cases, you can face Orbi blinking white light issues. This is not something that you can’t resolve. Although it is a serious issue but can be resolved quickly.

Fix for Orbi Blinking white / flashing white LED

1. Power cycle the Orbi satellite and router

If your Orbi device is not able to complete the boot process even after several minutes and flashing white then consider power cycling. You should power cycle the devices one-by-one. Unplug the router and the satellite from the power slot. Once done, plug it back to the power outlets. Turn it on and check if the problem is resolved.

2. Try a different power outlet

If the orbi blinking white light issue continues then you should change its power slot. Perhaps your Orbi router and satellite might not be getting a sufficient power supply. If your orbi router is taking too long to boot up, then the issue of white light occurs. In such a case, plug your orbi router, modem, and satellite into a different power slot. Also, check the cables connected to the devices. If the cables are damaged and your devices are not getting a proper signal, then you can’t resolve the issue.

3. Reboot your router and set it on Access point Mode

First of all, you can fix Orbi blinking white light issues by booting up the devices and setting up access point Mode. Simply, remove all cables connected to the router and the modem. Wait for some time so that the router and modem cool-down. Again power up the devices. Plug them back to the power slots using the same wires.

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