Why is portable crusher plant becoming more and more popular?

The introduction of portable crusher plant eliminates the cumbersome steel frame structure and saves a lot of time for infrastructure construction. Portable crusher plant can directly select the location without transportation, directly to the size of finished products. Especially for a small site, the disposal of construction waste is appropriate, and the construction waste is crushed. At the same time, the investment cost of crusher is reduced, but the investment income is increased.

Portable crusher plant is more and more widely used. Why do you say so? portable crusher plant is widely used in engineering construction, expressway, railway, tunnel and bridge construction, metal mining and solid waste treatment. It is suitable for crushing all kinds of hard rocks and metal ores, including river pebble, limestone, dolomite, granite, rhyolite, diabase, basalt, ferrous metal ore, nonferrous metal ore Coal grinding stone and construction waste, etc.

With the in-depth development of open-pit mining at home and abroad, the selection of crushing production technology is very important to reduce the mining cost of open-pit mines. In foreign countries, a large number of high-grade open-pit mines are being mined. The ore grade is high and the distribution is not concentrated, so it is difficult to realize the short-distance fixed crushing production operation. The traditional long-distance crushing production needs to transport the mined raw ore to the crushing production place, and then transport the finished products respectively after multi-stage crushing. At present, the traditional long-distance crushing production can not meet the demand of low cost.

In the open-pit mining, the portable crusher plant can adjust the production position according to the mining position, which greatly reduces the raw ore transportation cost. High grade ores usually only need two portable crusher plants to form a simple crushing production line. After two-stage crushing, the finished products can meet the requirements of finished products. The finished products are directly transported by vehicles, and the crushing process is simple.

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