Why Is Travel Insurance Important For Canadians Travelling To Different Countries In 2022?

Planning to travel in 2022? Well, you better look for an insurance policy that can help you out in case things go south in the other country, especially if your health insurance and other insurance policies won’t work there.

One of the best things that you can do is find yourself a decent Travel insurance for Canadians Calgary

But why travel insurance?

To help you understand why, we have listed down some of the many reasons why Canadians should buy the best travel insurance when travelling to different countries in 2022. 

3 Reasons Why Canadians Should Buy Best Travel Insurance In Calgary

  • Flights Are Still Getting Cancelled And Delayed 

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and lockdown restrictions across the globe, a lot of flights are still getting cancelled or delayed on a daily basis, and the thing is, tickets are hella expensive these days, which is why you should never take a chance.

With a travel insurance policy that offers cancelled and delayed flight coverage, you do not have to worry about paying for the next flight or your hotel stay because the insurance company will be covering it. 

For more information about cancelled and delayed flight coverage, give us a call at the number that we have listed below! 


  • You Do Not Have Universal Health Insurance Policy

Not everyone has the budget to buy universal health insurance, which is why it is important for Canadians to buy travel insurance when they are travelling abroad, especially if you are going on a trip that involves a lot of travelling.

A travel insurance policy offers a specific amount when it comes to hospital bills with a number of exceptions. Not only that, it also offers medical evacuation coverage for those that need to get back to their country of origin ASAP due to some medical reasons.

To know more about this coverage, give us a call!

  • Lost Luggage Coverage 

With travel insurance, you will also get lost luggage coverage. This one is important if you are travelling to a third world country that has a pretty high crime rate.

A travel insurance policy will give you coverage in case someone steals your luggage or expensive things during your stay there. Not only that, it also offers document replacement! 

To know more about the lost luggage coverage, give us a call! 

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