Why it is great to consult a leading travel agency in Nigeria to get the best deals?

From the throbbing nightlife of Lagos to the amazing mountain peaks at Plateau State, this scintillating destination is asking to get explored. Also called “Giant of Africa,” Nigeria is widely known for its deep diversity of ethnic groups, beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife reserves.

Being a highly diverse country, Nigeria shows the colors of diversity everywhere. From the colorful dresses of Muslim men in the North to the Christian people adorning the Churches in the South, Nigeria is a place that not only looks tempting to tourists but also gives tourists an opportunity to explore the magic of natural in a remarkable way.

Nigeria, Africa’s most crowded country is home to more than 200 ethnic groups, talkingk over 500 languages, with a warm tropical climate and a unique variety of cultures, art, music, film, fashion and food waiting to be experienced. Tour Nigeria awakens the adventurer in you, taking you on a journey into an undiscovered world for an authentic Nigerian experience. Showcasing the true spirit and essence of Nigeria, from the historic, cultural and heritage sites to sun-kissed coastlines, beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, natural springs, the grandeur of festivals, wildlife and magnificent plateaus.

The cuisine too is diverse; there are hot and piquant dishes, fresh fish and meat, fast food and imported fare.

But Nigeria’s biggest asset – its prosperity of innate races and religions, its vivacious population – have also proven its downfall on innumerablehot-headedscenarios, and military overthrows, coups and assassinations have been numerous. The situation is chieflytense in northern Nigeria, which is the base to the jihadist group, Boko Haram (referring to “Western education is forbidden”).

Nigeria is full of surprises, as well. Visitors can locate themselves dancing the night away at a Nigerian wedding party, sipping champagne with supermodels, haggling for art in Lagos’ hipster district, Yabi, and swimming under cascading waterfalls in the mountains.

Though Nigeria is a vibrant and impetuous destination, it also has a calmer, more reflective side that deserves to be seen. Actually, it tends to have so many facets that at times it feels more like a continent than a country.

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