Why it is Important to Practise Mock Papers Before an Exam

Several students choose not to practise with mock papers because they believe that it takes a great time, a lot of writing and eats into time for different things.

Practise makes the man perfect. Do you watch kabaddi matches? The kabaddi player is capable of holding the breath while getting into the opponent’s arena. The reflexes should be strong to get someone out, wrestling abilities should be good enough to get away from being coped with the ground and above all, the ability to run while the chances are against.

Did you know that in competitive sports, there is an individual to motivate you? What we do to comprehend is that we human being needs to rest after doing a lot of work, some entertainment some routine change, and rest. The coach assigned to the players understands to collect all these requirements in their step while still doing job to achieve a goal. Yet, practise is important. That is the only way ahead.

The same is in the case of students, yes, there is a plethora of things to do. At ASPAM IIS, one of the reputed Schools in Sharjah, we believe the only approach to reduce the possibility of poor results is by way of practising.

Absence of Practise Results in The Following Outcomes

Even if you understand a subject, with respect to writing the answer, some things may happen:

  • Concept confusion – different concepts may lead to confusion. If you don’t have enough time to revise, and understand that you are jumbledamid the exam, you run the risk of getting stressed about every aspect of the subject.
  • Poor handwriting, too much scratching – a lot of mistakes for lack of practice, mock papers let you to check how your answers seem once you are done. Are you capable of reading your own handwriting to check your paper?
  • Poor thought process– poor flow of thought will unable you to remember points as they arrive in your head and not in the right order that you would like
  • Long answers – sometimes, we know the complete answer but haven’t unable to write thecomplete answer
  • Inadequate time – practising mock papers enables you to prepare with a clear time allotment for distinct sections
  • New types of questions – It is not necessary that the questions you have been practised in class will come in exam. That implies, you have to work on the the answer in a short time frame and under some pressure.

Write Exams with Confidence

At Sharjah Private School, we believe that practise writing, verify your answers, improve and shorten them with the quality of answers is just great. Additionally, since you as of now have a habit of attempting to improve answers, you are better talented in the art of clarity as well as quickness. Both of these are learned skills, culminated through practice.

For the not-so-diligent student, you can improve performance through practice. Consider it, you are sacrificing such a lot of time, putting so much effort and regardless of whether it feels somewhat a minute ago, you should also progress nicely. Else you would possess lost that free time without any reason. What if you do practiseas a task to be taken alongside your studies, as a way to cement all that you have done. Possibly toward the week’s end, you can aside perhaps half a day for practising with mock papers, if you don’t have a lot of time to do revision and write a mock paper. Would you be able to read one? Can you verbally try solving it as well as checking for the areas that need a look over? Mock papers are an extraordinary way to make the experience of examinations a hassle-free time.


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